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Milo Ventimiglia Hints at Rebecca’s Death on This Is Us: “She’s Gonna See Jack Soon, Maybe”

Grab your tissues because there might be more sadness arriving for fans of NBC’s popular melodrama, This is Us. The chronic state of melancholy is nothing new for fans of the show, but after the events of the season three finale, and based on an exclusive interview star Milo Ventimiglia gave to Hollywood Life, it might be time to say goodbye to a character we’ve come to love, Pearson matriarch, Rebecca (Mandy Moore).

In the final moments of the recent finale we saw Randall (Sterling K. Brown) arrive at the hospital to visit a hospitalized Rebecca. There was no indication of what she was in the hospital for or where the rest of the Pearsons are but it was a stark image. Ventimiglia, who plays Rebecca’s late husband Jack, alluded that time might be up for our favorite TV mom. While out promoting his collaboration with Harley-Davidson, dropped a bombshell that it Rebecca “is gonna see Jack soon, maybe.” He goes on to say how “excited” he is for Rebecca as the show prepares for the adventures of season four.

There are a few things to deconstruct here. The “maybe” is a big deal as he could easily be saying this to stoke the fires of intrigue. Does this mean she’s gonna die? Or maybe Ghost Jack is going to become a thing? He did mention being excited for her so excited for her to be reunited? Or maybe just excited about where her character is going to go in the next season? Might this give credence to the whole mysterious “her” plot line that people are assuming involves Rebecca in some way?

Too much is unknown about the circumstances that put Rebecca in the hospital so it could all be much ado about nothing. Ventimiglia didn’t give any more indication than that one line so maybe he’s just stirring the pot and hoping to get fans excited for what’s to come? Let’s hope so because none of us are ready to say goodbye to Rebecca just yet. That or maybe this next season will be enough to get Moore the Golden Globe she so rightfully deserves!

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