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Meghan Markle Skipped Easter Service with the Royal Family — But She Has a Solid Excuse

Sunday proved to be a big day for the royal family, doubling as a celebration for the Easter holiday as well as Queen Elizabeth’s 93rd birthday. Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry and several more extended royals like Princess Beatrice and Prince Andrew came together at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor for church (and presumably to spend time with the birthday matriarch). However, one royal was noticeably absent — Meghan Markle skipped Easter service with the rest of the royals. Why? Although her lack of presence will surely cause speculation, the likely reality behind Meghan staying home is actually downright understandable.

Per the Daily Mail’s royal correspondent Rebecca English, Meghan skipped going to church because — insert pregnant pause here — she’s about to pop! Early on Sunday morning, English tweeted the royal family’s holiday weekend plans, writing, “The Queen celebrates her 93rd birthday today with an Easter Sunday service at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor. We’re hoping a number of royals including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex will join her (although names aren’t confirmed in advance.” When a fan expressed hope that the Duchess of Sussex would be joining her husband, English responded, “No I don’t believe she will be there. That’s certainly not what was being said this week — she is days away from having her baby, after all.”

While Meghan’s due date hasn’t been announced, Entertainment Tonight reports that the Duchess told a fan in Birkenhead, England, that her due date is late April to early May. If the newest member of the royal family does make his or her (the gender is a surprise!) debut during that time frame, they’ll be in good company. In addition to the Queen’s April 21 birthday, Prince Louis’ birthday is April 23 and Princess Charlotte’s birthday is May 2.

As for the suggestion that Meghan missed Easter service with the royal family because she’s in labor, that seems unlikely. In that event, we would expect Prince Harry to be by her side and possibly the Queen as well. But since it’s possible for her to go into labor at any moment, her decision to hang back makes perfect sense.

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