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Andy Cohen’s Baby is Now More Popular Than Him Because, Duh

Andy Cohen’s baby boy, Benjamin, is nearly three-months-old and already more popular than his famous papa according to a recent interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Cohen, whose star-studded baby shower included a rather dirrty gift from singer Christina Aguilera, has been documenting nearly every facet of Benjamin’s life on his Instagram. Sometimes his posts get a touch creepy, such as when he referred to baby Ben as the “40-year-old virgin,” but as he told Jimmy Fallon, the majority of these pictures are all about highlighting Ben’s cuteness.

And that cuteness might be eclipsing that of his dad. Fallon asks him point-blank if he “brought the baby,” only to express disappointment when Cohen reveals he hasn’t. The television host then shared how he and his wife went to visit Andy and Benjamin, telling the doorman “we’re here to see Ben Cohen.” As Fallon says, the doorman’s simple reply was “wow, that’s how it’s gonna be.” Cohen, ever the good sport, agrees, saying “the doorman said, ‘yeah, they used to come for Andy.'”

It’s not just Fallon who has baby Benjamin fever. When Cohen’s bestie, talk show host Kelly Ripa, met Ben for the first time it sparked her desire to have another child. But this was quickly quashed by her husband, Mark Consuelos, who was less than enthusiastic.

Cohen also made time to talk about his fear and intimidation around carrying Benjamin in a stroller, having to be told by friends that famous dads like Bradley Cooper and Matt Damon all have stroller pics.

Benjamin Cohen is by far one of the cutest babies on social media right now and Andy Cohen’s own adoration for him is darling to see. From his explanation for why he’s named Ben (Andy’s grandfather shares the name) to all the cute photos on IG, it’s easy to see why Ben Cohen might be the new social celebrity to follow.

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