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Nick Viall Gets Candid About His First Same-Sex Kiss & We’re Into it

One Bachelor Nation star has our full and undivided attention thanks to a very interesting personal detail coming to light. Earlier this week, Nick Viall admitted that he recently had his first same-sex kiss. Viall’s revelation is memorable not only because it’s a first for him (as far as we know), but because it’s a major first for someone who is part of Bachelor Nation — a notoriously heteronormative group of people who don’t necessarily look down on queer behavior, but rarely give space for it.

As a former Bachelor with one broken engagement under his belt, it’s fair to say that anything related to Viall’s romantic life is going to get our attention. That’s exactly what happened when Viall revealed he recently kissed a guy during an appearance on a vlog hosted by Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklin as part of the podcast Call Her Daddy. At around the nine-minute mark during the 21-minute vlog entry (you can watch below), Cooper and Franklin show up at Viall’s studio to make it appear they showing up for an upcoming installment of his podcast, The Viall Files. The trio decides to go to Starbucks and as they ride the elevator down to street level, Viall casually remarks, “I made out with my first guy yesterday.”

Cooper asks, “Wait! How was it?” to which Viall replies, “It was fine,” while shrugging and looking down at the floor.

Franklin then wonders aloud, “Is that like an L.A. right of passage? To make out with a guy?” and Viall playfully replied, “No.”

Viall has yet to give any other details about the kiss. Similarly, he hasn’t addressed his comments from the vlog on any form of social media, although he could possibly bring it up on a future episode of The Viall Files. But whether Viall wants to talk about his first same-sex kiss is up to him and we totally respect his decision to share as much or as little as he wants. That said, we are big fans of Viall feeling comfortable enough to casually drop that information into the conversation and hope that we do hear more about the kiss, if only because it’s so notable given Viall’s involvement.

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