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Reese Witherspoon Shares Why She’s a Big Little Fan of Jameela Jamil

We’re always glad to see women supporting women, something our fave Reese Witherspoon is a pro at doing. On Wednesday, Witherspoon showed support for Jameela Jamil and her public fight for body positivity. The love Witherspoon showed for Jamil stemmed from sharing her thoughts on a recent interview that Jamil conducted with singer Lizzo.

Witherspoon took to her Instagram Stories to share her positive review of Jamil’s conversation with Lizzo, which took place on Jamil’s ongoing series The I Weigh Conversations as part of her online community, I Weigh. During that conversation, both women opened up about the importance of self-love and their deeply personal histories with their weight.

Witherspoon was seemingly so moved by the conversation Jamil and Lizzo had that she wanted to get out there and encourage others to listen in.

“I stumbled upon this interview that Jameela Jamil did with Lizzo, that singer who’s so amazing, and guys. This conversation was so great and inspiring about body positivity and I just thought I would share it with you so you could check it out!” Witherspoon encouraged her followers.

Shortly after Witherspoon’s post went live, the I Weigh Instagram account reposted the video, adding in the captions, “OMG! @reesewitherspoon shouting out the brown girls, me, @lizzobeeating and @dopequeenpheebs was a JOY to wake up to.”

Witherspoon went on to sing Jamil’s praises in the video, commenting, “Any time Jameela Jamil talks about body positivity I just find myself going, ‘Yes. Yes. That’s right.'”

The praise from Witherspoon is well-deserved as far as Jamil’s activism to correct the way bodies of all shapes and sizes are considered. Jamil has been open about her history with eating disorders and has mentioned that her patterns of disordered eating were often egged on by unhealthy images of female bodies seen in pop culture. Now in recovery, Jamil has dedicated her life outside of acting towards fighting to change how we talk about weight and how we value people of all shapes and sizes. In February 2018, Jamil created the I Weigh community, which encourages people to focus on their achievements and other positive things in their life that are not related to their physical self, on Instagram. Since then, she has spoken out against companies that profit off creating products that facilitates unhealthy eating and diet habits for women and other celebrities who engage in similar behavior, like the Kardashians and their promotion of products like weight loss teas on social media.

With all this love for Jamil now out in the open, we think she should definitely invite Witherspoon on to the I Weigh Conversations; don’t you agree?

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