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Could This Scientology Belief Be Why Tom Cruise Hasn’t Seen Suri in Years?

Since then-married Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes welcomed Suri Cruise in 2006, the public has watched the precocious girl grow up right before our eyes. But since the pair split in 2012, Tom has rarely been seen with his daughter. Could Scientology be the reason why? In a new interview with Hollywood Life, an anonymous source exclusively reveals details about Suri’s relationship with her dad — and how Scientology might explain why he remains so distant from the almost 13-year-old.

Per Hollywood Life, Tom hasn’t been photographed with Suri since 2013, shortly after his divorce from Holmes. And according to Hollywood Life’s source, it’s unlikely he’ll be photographed with his little girl again anytime soon. Why? It allegedly has a lot to do with his deep ties to the Scientology community. “What happens in Scientology is that they have a category of people which they call Suppressive Persons or SPs. Scientologists are taught to avoid being around Suppressive Persons or SPs. A person who hangs around an SP is often regarded as a Potential Trouble Source or PTS,” explained the source.

As for how this could possibly pertain to a young girl, the source adds that Suri is likely considered off-limits by association. “[For] Tom Cruise to have a visit with his daughter Suri Cruise, he needs to come in contact with Katie Holmes and if she has been declared a Suppressive Person, which I think is very likely, then that Suri Cruise would be seen as a PTS. Tom Cruise would not want to come in contact with an SP. And if he views his daughter as a PTS, which is very likely, he would not be that excited about dealing with her either.”

The source claims that although Tom is allowed to see Suri “up to 10 days each month,” he “hasn’t seen her in years because of his strong Scientology beliefs.”

Of course, the hope here is that there is some other explanation for Tom’s perceived absence in Suri’s life.  Or that maybe the source has it all wrong and Suri does get to spend quality time with her father outside of the prying eye of the paparazzi. No matter what the case with Tom is, though, Holmes has reportedly done “everything in her power” to make sure the former couple’s daughter doesn’t feel as though her life is lacking in any way. Per Hollywood Life’s source, Holmes is a “very hands-on mom” who is “extremely attentive and loving, and has provided Suri with an amazing life.”

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