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Sandra Oh & Shonda Rhimes Reunited For Time 100 & It’s Everything We Hoped For

It finally happened: Sandra Oh and Shonda Rhimes have reunited. Sadly, the reunion wasn’t related to Grey’s Anatomy, but it was related to Oh landing on Time’s 100 Most Influential People list for 2019, which we think is still a pretty big deal. Rhimes wrote a tribute to Oh for the Time 100 list and the entire piece is just stunning. Rhimes is so complimentary of Oh’s talents as well as her place in pop culture, reminding us that Oh makes our lives better through the work she does. We’re living!

The basic idea behind the Time 100 list is not only to honor 100 people who are changing and influencing the world through their lives and work but also to recruit fellow celebrities who either have a personal relationship with the honoree in question (or are in a similar field) so they can enlighten readers as to why that honoree has made the list. Some of the big names who’ve made it onto this year’s list are: Joanna Gaines (tribute written by Tim Tebow); Michelle Obama (tribute written by Beyonce); Chrissy Teigen (tribute written by chef Eric Ripert); Dwayne Johnson (tribute written by Gal Gadot); Emilia Clarke (tribute written by Emma Thompson); Brie Larson (tribute written by Tessa Thompson); and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (tribute written by Elizabeth Warren).

For the 2019 Time 100 list, Oh was grouped into the “Pioneers” portion of the list with fellow trailblazing celebs like Teigen, comedian Hasan Minhaj and chef Samin Nosrat of Netflix’s Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. If you have any questions about why Oh was included in this section of the Time 100 list, then let Rhimes’ tribute to Oh help you out. The Grey’s Anatomy showrunner’s loving praise of Oh began in the first line of her tribute: “One of the greatest gifts of my creative life has been the opportunity to write words to be spoken by Sandra Oh.”

Uh oh, we can already tell this is going to be good.

Rhimes continues, explaining, “The reason is simple: Sandra Oh is a virtuoso. She treats dialogue like notes of music—every word must be played, every syllable correctly toned. She’s always been an extraordinary actor. Her body of work makes that clear. Ten years of playing Dr. Cristina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy made her place in the acting landscape undeniable. Her award-winning turn as Killing Eve’s Eve Polastri makes her legendary.”

Legendary! Did you hear that, world? Rhimes just called Oh “legendary” and she couldn’t be more correct. Rhimes doesn’t stop there, though, going on to list every possible reason for Oh making it to this year’s Time 100 list.

“Her comic timing is priceless. Her dramatic well is endless. Her talent is a song to be heard,” Rhimes writes. “With her nuanced characters, Sandra Oh has chosen to fearlessly take up space in a universe that has not always made space for her. Now, the power of her talented presence makes space for others. And that is a gift to every artist of color who follows in her footsteps.”

Rhimes and Oh have not worked together since Oh left Grey’s Anatomy in 2014, but it’s clear that there is no love lost based on what Rhimes says of Oh in this tribute. Oh has worked so damn hard to get to the place she is at right now, where she is the lead of a hit TV show (that’d be Killing Eve) and is scooping up awards because of it. She’s too precious a talent to waste and if anybody knows the truth of that sentiment, it’s Rhimes.

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