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The Beyhive Can’t Handle Seeing Beyoncé’s Twins in Homecoming & Honestly Same

Just a week after it was announced with much fanfare and excitement, Beyoncé’s Netflix documentary Homecoming was finally released in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. The documentary, which tracks the development and production of Beyoncé’s historic 2018 Coachella performance, offered a look at the singer’s life onstage as well as off. What was promised in the first trailer for the documentary — and what became arguably one of the biggest reasons to watch — was the first true blue footage of Bey’s twins, Sir and Rumi. The doc delivered on that promise and now the Beyhive is reacting to Sir and Rumi’s appearance in Homecoming with all of the joy you’d expect.

Sir and Rumi figure prominently in Homecoming, with new footage of the twins being included. This is the first time that fans have been able to get a complete view of the two cuties since they arrived on this planet back in 2017. Throughout the first year of their lives, parents Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been vigilant in keeping them out of the public eye, much like they did when their eldest, Blue Ivy (who’s 7 years old now!), was born. Homecoming shows the twins popping up during Bey’s Coachella rehearsals and hanging at home with their parents.

These two are nearly carbon copies of their parents but somehow cuter?! In one particularly adorable scene, this becomes evident very quickly as we watch the twins bounce up and down as Bey arrives to say hi to them and give them some snuggle time before getting back to work.

The Beyhive also couldn’t handle Sir and Rumi in Homecoming, reacting accordingly with the happiest and most loving comments imaginable.

The twins are not only absolutely precious, but Beyoncé acknowledges in the documentary that their arrival was such a blessing because her pregnancy with them was so tough. A more serious moment in Homecoming shows Bey opening up about how difficult her pregnancy was, saying, “My body went through more than I knew it could.” She also shared that she dealt with the scary effects of preeclampsia and that, most scary of all, “in the womb, one of my babies’ hearts paused a few times so I had to get an emergency C-section.”

If anything, Homecoming has managed to convince us that Sir and Rumi are national treasures. They’re beyond adorable and they’re basically clones of their parents. What’s not to love?

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