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Jennifer Lawrence Signs on For Her First Movie Since Announcing Her Acting Break 1 Year Ago

It has been a hot minute since we last saw Lawrence in full actor mode and that was in 2018’s Red Sparrow. Even more mind-boggling is the fact that it was Lawrence’s only film released during that year — highly unusual for an acclaimed actor used to putting out at least two movies a year for the better part of a decade. Now, Lawrence has confirmed her first film project since returning from the year-long acting break she took in 2018, which is largely the reason she was so off the grid during that time.

As reported by Variety, Lawrence has signed on to star in a still-untitled film that will be directed by acclaimed theater director Lila Neugebauer, who is also making her feature film debut with this project. No details have been released about the film’s plot or other actors who have been cast. Despite the lack of information, there’s still plenty to get excited about. This is the fourth time that Lawrence will work with a female director, with past collaborations including The Poker House with director/actor Lori Petty; The Beaver with actor/director Jodie Foster; and Serena with director Susanne Bier. It will also be interesting to see what Lawrence can create onscreen with a theater professional like Neugebauer directing her. We’re ready to see some new things from Lawrence and this feels like the perfect chance to see it.

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This film will notably break Lawrence’s recent career dry spell, which, admittedly, she had an active part in creating. In September 2017, Lawrence commented in a September 2017 Today interview that “I’m taking [a break]. I don’t have anything set for two years. I don’t know [what I’m going to do]. I don’t know, start making pots? I think I’m just taking a little break. I’ll see you in six months.” A rep for Lawrence later clarified she had simply scaled back on work commitments in favor of taking some personal time. That’s mostly true with Red Sparrow coming out in March 2018 and her upcoming film X-Men film, Dark Phoenix, arriving in June. To be fair, Dark Phoenix wrapped filming in October 2017, so it’s still true to say she likely hasn’t worked in well over a year.

Lawrence has been busy living her life during her hiatus, with the biggest event happening in her personal life. In February, reps for Lawrence confirmed that she and Cooke Maroney were engaged after less than a year of dating. The couple has kept and continues to keep a low profile, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for wedding photos to make their way to the internet one of these days.

All in all, it looks like everything is coming up Lawrence! We’re excited about the engagement, sure, but we’re even more excited for this new film she has in the works.

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