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Game of Thrones Got Super Silly With These 2 Celeb Cameos in the Season 8 Premiere

If you weren’t paying close enough attention during Sunday night’s Game of Thrones season eight premiere, you might have missed two very low-key celebrity cameos. Well, one made a cameo in name only and another celeb’s physical cameo was so casual, it probably went right over your head the first time around. The two GoT season eight premiere celeb cameos we’re talking about are Ed Sheeran and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s Rob McElhenney, of course, and we’re going to recap just how these two fellas made their way into the already action-packed season premiere.

First up: Sheeran’s extremely understated cameo appearance. Back in the season seven premiere, Sheeran popped up as Eddie, a soldier for the Lannister army that Arya meets as she’s traveling to King’s Landing. Sheeran’s Eddie is seen singing the song “Hands of Gold” with other soldiers around a campfire, helping put his pipes to good use while also blending in seamlessly with his GoT surroundings. Sheeran’s cameo in GoT season seven got some mixed reactions and it seems like the writers on the show took note because in the season eight premiere, they worked in references to Eddie that made it clear he met a gruesome end.

As reported by Rolling Stone, Eddie is mentioned during a scene featuring Bronn and three sex workers. As Bronn tries to engage in a bit of sexy time with the women (which we won’t show here because the scene is fairly NSFW), they can’t be bothered and instead want to talk about one of their favorite customers, Eddie, who was among the casualties in Daenerys’ ambush on the Lannister army late in season seven. At one point in the scene, one of the women says to another, “That boy Eddie came back with his face burned right off. He’s got no eyelids now.” And there you have it: a casual, one-line reference to poor old Eddie, who will probably never sing again.

The other, more apparent season eight premiere cameo was McElhenney’s, which happened about halfway through the season eight premiere. The It’s Always Sunny star made a cameo as one of Euron Greyjoy’s men left to keep watch on his ships and guard Yara (who was still his prisoner when season eight began) while he went ashore to bed Cersei Lannister. McElhenney’s unnamed character was one of the many casualties of Theon Greyjoy and his small band of men who secretly boarded Euron’s ship in order to free Yara, catching an arrow in the eye as he died on the show.

McElhenney posted a photo to his Instagram of himself in full GoT costume and in his gory special effects makeup that makes it look like his eye’s been shot out. “Don’t blink,” he aptly captioned the photo, referring not only to his actual eye but likely also to the speed at which his cameo happens during the episode.

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We’re not sure if there are any more celebrity cameos in store for season eight, but we kinda hope there are if only because these two were enjoyable as hell — even if they happened quickly.

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