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Courteney Cox & Lisa Kudrow’s Selfie Has a Friends Reference Only True Fans Will Appreciate

A Friends reunion never gets old. Well, on April 14, Lisa Kudrow shared an Instagram with Courteney Cox and the photo is beyond adorable. The picture shows them laughing together. Actually, it looks like they were having such a good time that the laughter made them cry. It’s a wonderful moment Kudrow was kind enough to share with her followers, but what really stands out is her caption. Only true Friends fans will understand what Kudrow was trying to say.

Kudrow wrote next to her post, “My eyes! My eyes!” If you’re not a fan of the former NBC comedy that ran for 10 seasons, then you might simply think The Comeback star’s simply referring to her eyes in the picture.

However, if you consider yourself a Friends aficionado, then you know that Kudrow was actually making a reference to an unforgettable line her character, Phoebe Buffay, once declared in Season 5, Episode 14, “The One Where Everybody Finds Out.”

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My eyes! My eyes!

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This particular episode will forever be a favorite, not to mention an unforgettable one. It’s where everyone, minus Ross, finally found out that Chandler and Monica were sleeping together. Of course, it’s the episode that also produced the famous line, “They don’t know that we know they know we know.”

After Joey and Rachel discovered their friends’ secret, Phoebe learned about Chandler and Monica courtesy of the window in Ugly Naked Guy’s apartment. While checking out the living space with Rachel and Ross, who had just rented the place, Phoebe spotted her friends in Monica’s apartment. While trying to say hi to them, Phoebe watched as Chandler and Monica started to kiss and remove their clothes. Her response? Well, she appropriately yelled, “My eyes! My eyes!”

And here is that epic moment:

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Image: Giphy. Giphy.

See? Kudrow’s selfie with Cox isn’t just one with a witty caption. She totally channeled her inner Phoebe. We would be lying if we said we haven’t yelled, “My eyes! My eyes!,” at some point in our lives, and it’s all thanks to Phoebe and Friends. Like fans, Kudrow clearly will never forget the hilarious Phoebe moment and line.

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