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Kaitlyn Bristowe Reveals How Jason Tartick Said ‘I Love You’ & Drops a Proposal Hint, Too

It’s getting serious! One Bachelor Nation couple is quickly shaping up to be the franchise’s next success story. On the Friday episode of her Off the Vine podcast, Kaitlyn Bristowe revealed how Jason Tartick said ‘I love you’ for the first time — and it’s pretty darn adorable. The couple, who had a candid conversation on the podcast about expressing their feelings, apparently couldn’t wait to open up to each other. “We hadn’t been hanging out very long,” Bristowe admitted, adding, “but it was long enough to know how we felt.”

While Tartick had grand ambitions to reveal the depth of his feelings for Bristowe with a grand romantic gesture, he apparently jumped the gun. “We were at Jason’s apartment and I knew we both felt it, like I knew we both wanted to say ‘I love you’s’,” said Bristowe, noting that the two were in the middle of a game of Monopoly at the time. “I think you wanted to have some sort of plan, like a special way of saying it, which is so stinking cute… [But] you were looking at me and I was like, ‘What?’ and then you said, ‘I want to say something, I was going to say it in a different way or a different time, but we don’t want to hold back and I don’t want to hold back what I feel with you and I just love you.’”

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A clearly ecstatic Bristowe gushed that although it wasn’t exactly what Tartick had planned, it was “romantic because it was raw and real.” And it sounds like that authenticity is serving the couple well. “One of the things about our relationship is we’ve always been extremely, extremely open in our communication. If we have the slightest issue — good, bad or ugly — we don’t hold things back and we don’t filter things,” Tartick explained of veering from his original plan.

Not surprisingly, Bristowe isn’t bothered at all by the fact that her main squeeze followed his heart at the moment, telling him, “When you get down on one knee, then you can do it properly. But when you need to tell me you love me, you can just shout it from the rooftops.”

Sounds like there could be another Bachelor Nation wedding in the works any day now, no?

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