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Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk & Their Brood Nonchalantly Stroll on Through Someone’s Insta Video

After surviving the most rollercoaster of awards seasons, Bradley Cooper is finally finding the time to kick back and chill with his family. While we expect to see him boppin’ around Los Angeles during his break, we never thought we’d see Cooper and his partner, Irina Shayk, photobomb someone’s Instagram video while they were taking a walk on the beach with their daughter and dogs. That, however, is exactly what we got earlier this week thanks to fitness instructor Spencer Davis, who posted an outtake from one of his workout videos that featured Cooper and Shayk. You have to watch this whole video because y’all, it’s simply the best.

On Tuesday, Davis posted a video set to his Instagram that should have been all about a boxing session he was filming. But, as you can see in the first video, Davis and his friends get thrown off their rhythm when a man and his dogs enter into the background. As the man walks closer and the camera focuses, it’s clear that it’s Cooper and his two dogs (FYI one of those dogs is Charlie, the real star from A Star Is Born, and I’m so starstruck about just that!).

But it gets even better because, after Davis jokes with Cooper, asking, “You want in?”, Shayk then strolls into view holding the tiny hand of hers and Cooper’s daughter, Lea de Seine Shayk Cooper — a very rare sighting in and of itself since Cooper and Shayk keep all things about their daughter private.

Cooper, Shayk, Lea and the doggos make for such a happy, adorable brood, don’t they? Also, how wild is it that not two months ago, Cooper and Shayk were yukking it up at the 91st annual Oscars and now they’re just casually strolling on the beach? Like, what is life?

In all seriousness, it’s nice to see the family is out and about, especially since Cooper and Shayk weathered nasty rumors of an affair between Cooper and his A Star Is Born costar, Lady Gaga. Gaga repeatedly refuted the rumors, which percolated following the pair’s romantic rendition of “Shallow” at the Oscars ceremony in February (a performance that happened just days after Gaga split with fiance Christian Carino).

But who has time for rumors when you’ve got the most precious family in the world? Cooper and Shayk are truly the cutest of couples and it’s nice to see them in their natural habitat, even if it is in an Instagram photobomb.

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