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Chrissy Teigen Wants Women to Say ‘F**k You’ More & We’re Here For it

When it comes to celebrities who never hesitate about telling the truth, we are always here to listen to whatever Chrissy Teigen is laying down. In her latest example of empowering candor, Teigen encouraged women to say “fuck you” more when asked at the House Democratic Issues Conference what, in general, women should be saying more.

Per The Hill, Teigen’s comments were part of a discussion she and husband John Legend had with political pundit Melissa Harris-Perry at the Washington, D.C. conference. During the couple’s chat with Harris-Perry, they also discussed President Donald Trump (a man Teigen famously loathes and has the distinct honor of being blocked by on Twitter) as well as the most pressing political issues they feel the nation faces right now.

Teigen’s razor-sharp and very appropriate quip that women should be saying “fuck you” more to men who stand in their way was part of a discussion of how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has pushed back against the president. Legend was quick to point out his wife’s almost sixth sense-like ability at sussing out early on that Trump was going to be a problem, commented she “knew well before a lot of America did that [Trump] was a joke and a conman and a clown.” She went on to say “she was prescient long before he ever thought about running for president. She was on point with that.”

Teigen also took aim at the Trump administration’s former border separation policy, something she and Legend have both been very outspoken about in the past.

“When it comes from people, like Ivanka, that can post all day pictures of her children that are just in her home and ‘oh my daughter is having trouble in her crib’ or ‘my daughter is doing this’ and ‘my daughter is doing this,’ there are children out there that don’t have that opportunity,” Teigen shared. “There are children that are completely … honestly, I cannot fathom for a second how scared our children would be if they were without us.”

Teigen added, “We need the comedy to cover up the pain… That’s our ‘ha-ha’ as we’re crying inside. It’s laughing through the pain.”

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