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Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx Take a Romantic Stroll, Remind Us Love Is Real

Not sure if you heard but we freaking love Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx. Like, to the point that every time Holmes and Foxx make a public appearance like they did while hanging out with Foxx’s daughter, Corinne Foxx, we stop and admire them in their natural habitat. The latest photo of the low-key couple from their night out has made its way onto the internet so pause everything you’re doing to bask in the photo’s glory with us.

According to E! News, Holmes and Foxx were spotted holding hands and looking cute as hell while having a casual hang with Corinne earlier this week. E! notes the couple and Corinne were spotted at a gelato shop in Los Angeles before they all took a stroll. Unfortunately, Suri Cruise was nowhere to be seen. There’s no details on what kind of gelato everyone ordered, but we’re willing to bet good money Holmes is a mint chocolate chip fan and Foxx splurges for something fruity… mango, perhaps? Don’t ask us how we know this; we just do.

It’s been a rollercoaster couple of months for Holmes and Foxx, who have reportedly been dating since at least 2013 but have kept their relationship mostly under wraps (by Hollywood standards, anyway) for reasons we’re not entirely sure of. Despite not being openly affectionate at public events or in interviews, the couple has been photographed together over the years looking smitten as hell, reminding us that true love is very real. And sure, they nearly gave us a heart attack back in February when Foxx made a random comment that implied he was single, but those fears were swiftly assuaged when the pair were spotted together in March.

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