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Could Jon Snow & Dany’s Baby Be the Ultimate Winner of Game Of Thrones?

To be a loyal Game of Thrones fan, you have to accept that anything can happen at any time. And just when you think you have it all figured out, something so mind-blowing happens that it seems to open up a wormhole to a whole new universe of possibilities. Case in point? Refinery29 is convinced that the offspring of Jon Snow and Daenerys could change everything. As in, first things first, Jon and Dany might have a child in season eight, and we need a minute to unpack this theory and its potential implications.

At the end of season seven, GoT fans saw the culmination of a whole lot of anticipation and waiting when Jon and Dany finally hooked up. However, that intimate moment was quite literally overshadowed by the truth about Jon’s lineage — he is, in fact, of Targaryen blood, and Dany is his aunt. These two remain blissfully unaware of this fact at the present moment, but it seems inevitable that they’ll discover the truth once they arrive at Winterfell. But by then, it may be too late. If fan theories are correct, Dany is already pregnant with Jon’s child. And there are two possible prophecies that have fans convinced of as much.

First, Dany experienced visions at the House of the Undying (remember her seeing Khal Drogo and their son? *Sob*) that seemed to suggest a connection to Jon. The vision included a blue rose on an ice wall, theoretically linking the two since blue roses are a motif of sorts in Jon’s life. Then there’s the “Prince that was promised,” or Azor Ahai, prophecy. This is a prophesied savior who will be born “amidst salt and smoke.” At one point, Melisandre believes Jon to be the prophesied prince. Kinvara, the High Priestess of the Red Temple of Volantis, believes Dany is the one who was promised. But Redditors feel as though, now that Jon and Dany have consummated their relationship, their child might actually fulfill the prophecy of the promised one.

As Refinery29 and Redditors point out, GoT has always been very measured with the show’s dialogue — it’s unlikely they would have wasted so much time on conversations about Dany’s ability (or, in her mind, inability) to conceive human children if that dialogue didn’t serve a purpose. As Redditor jlynn121 puts it, “It would be the worst red herring of all time to lay out all this foreshadow and foundation for a true Targaryen heir and then drop the ball.”

Which brings us to the mind-blowing possible implications of such a pregnancy. The most obvious factor to consider is that the baby would become the second heir to the throne aside from Jon — who seems to have no interest in the throne — pushing Dany to third in secession. How would that play out? Would her ambition overpower her maternal instincts? Would she want to eliminate the threat? Also, as Refinery29 reminds us, children who are a product of incest suffer an intense stigma. So do bastards. This child would be an incest-born bastard. Could such a child really ever sit on the throne?

One tragic theory that made the rounds last year suggests Jon will plunge a sword into Dany’s pregnant belly as a sacrifice to save mankind. Bleak, we know. Some Twitter fans fear that Dany might die while giving birth.

Obviously, we’ll all have to wait to see whether Jon and Dany’s boat tryst results in a little bastard bundle of joy. But this much seems certain — that child would have more potential to change the course of fate in the Known World than any other GoT character.

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