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Oprah Comes Out Swinging in Defense of “Unfairly” Treated Meghan Markle

You know things are serious when Oprah Winfrey gets involved. The queen of all media has had a busy day, not only did her mental health docu-series with Prince Harry break the internet Wednesday morning, now she’s coming out swinging in defense of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

During an appearance on BFF Gayle King’s CBS This Morning, Winfrey blasted the media for their negative, and harmful, portrayal of Meghan.

“I think she’s being portrayed unfairly, and I feel that if people really knew her they would know that she is not only everything we perceive of her in being graceful and dynamic in holding that position, but she just has a wonderful, warm, giving, loving heart,” Winfrey said of the expectant mother. She added, “I think it’s very unfair.”

King, who was one of many high-profile celebrities invited Meghan’s not-so-secret New York City baby shower, agreed, saying, “She’s very kind. She doesn’t seem to buy into [her bad press] though.”

Winfrey and King commented on Meghan’s admission that she stays away from all things Twitter. As People reports, the duchess was asked about her reaction to negative press at royal appearance last month, to which she basically said, “thank you, next.”

“My personal decision is to not to feed into negativity and be more cause-driven, action-based,” Meghan said at the time, adding, “For me it’s a tricky one, because I’m not part of any of that. I don’t look at it. Sorry, no. For me that is my personal preference.”

Winfrey confirmed that Meghan really does eschew negativity: “I think that’s remarkable that despite everything that’s going on she does not read anything,” she said.

And it’s a good thing she doesn’t. The impending arrival of Baby Sussex has sent the press into a frenzy, with headline after negative headline dominating what is a truly happy time for Meghan and Prince Harry. Just this week, Samantha Markle, Meghan’s estranged half-sister, made another public statement about her sister, but this time, she mom-shamed Meghan before the baby has even arrived.

In an appearance on TLC’s Meghan & Harry: A Royal Baby Story, Markle said of her sister, “I’m pretty sure that her threshold for stress could be quite low in the beginning. How many rooms in Frogmore? I can see them all being filled with nannies,” adding, “Meghan is very strong-minded, and there will definitely be a butting of heads, but Meghan could learn and grow from that. So if the nanny is strong enough, then she won’t be left in tears.”

Truly. Thank you, next.

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