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Tarek El Moussa Just Revealed the Sex of Christina & Ant Anstead’s Baby

It can be pretty tricky to navigate a relationship with an ex even under the best of circumstances — and things likely just got exponentially more complicated between one former Hollywood husband and wife. In an interview with TMZ Live Monday, Tarek El Moussa revealed the sex of ex Christina Anstead’s baby. Since she and her new husband, Wheeler Dealers host Ant Anstead, hadn’t yet announced the gender of their first child together, it seems safe to say El Moussa probably just put his foot in his mouth.

The interview wasn’t all bad, though. While El Moussa admitted the former couple didn’t enjoy working together post-split, he insisted things were “good today.” He even seemed sincerely happy for the Ansteads, saying, “My kids are super excited. I’m excited for her new chapter in life. And they’re a great couple and I really do hope the best for them.” But all of that goodwill he seemed to be building was negated by an earlier admission. “She’s remarried, she’s actually pregnant — everybody knows that,” El Moussa said innocuously before dropping the real bomb. “She’s having a son.”

Innocent mistake? Hmm. Naturally, we’d love to give El Moussa the benefit of the doubt. Still, if he didn’t mean to spill the beans about the Ansteads’ baby bean, he should have left the conversation at “I’m excited for them.”

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Granted, Christina and Ant have been so busy living their best life that they may not pay much mind to El Moussa’s inadvertent revelation. Earlier in the week, the pair took a scenic road trip along the California coast to test drive a vintage German car (which they adorably named Agnus) that Christina recently gifted to Ant. According to Ant’s Instagram posts and stories, the pair drove into Laguna for lunch, took a stroll around the picturesque seaside town, enjoyed ice cream and even did some beach-walking.

The newlyweds — their “winter wonderland” wedding took place in December 2018 — announced in March that they are expecting their first child together. The baby, who’s due to arrive in September, joins a Brady Bunch-esque brood including Christina’s two children with El Moussa (Taylor, 8, Brayden, 3) and Ant’s two children from a previous marriage (Amelie, 15, Archie, 12). And the new addition won’t be the only baby the family will be nurturing this year! Christina scored a solo show on HGTV called Christina on the Coast. The series, which will focus on her budding SoCal design business, is set to premiere this summer.

So, considering it’s shaping up to be such a banner year for the Ansteads, something tells us they might shrug off El Moussa’s sex reveal slip-up. But, to be clear, we can file the moment as one of El Moussa’s definitive flops.

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