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Gabrielle Union Supports Her Stepson, Zion, at Miami’s Gay Pride Parade

As if we couldn’t love her any more than we already did, we just found out that Gabrielle Union fearlessly supported stepson Zion Wade at a pride parade in Miami over the weekend and we’re living. Proud stepmom Union happily stepped out with 11-year-old Zion, Zion’s older brother Zaire and other Wade family members (including baby Kaavia!) to give a show of support for Zion and other LGBTQ folks attending the parade. Photos posted to social media show that the entire family had so much fun during the time at the parade, and it feels only right we should take a moment to take you through every moment of this outing because it’s just so special.

As reported by E! News, Union took over as parenting representative (husband Dwyane Wade, Zion’s father, was out of town for work) over the weekend as she chaperoned stepson Zion at the Miami Pride Parade. In a since-deleted post to his Instagram Stories, Wade showed support for Zion, captioning one of his photos with, “Zion had his [own] cheering section today. Wish I was there to see you smile kid!”

Posts to different family members’ Instagram Stories, including Union’s and Zaire’s (and which can all be viewed below), show the family out in colorful outfits, smiling and having tons of fun in the sun. Zion was rocking a rainbow pin while other photos show the Wades posing together for a group photo, Kaavia wearing her own rainbow onesie, Zion and Zaire posing for a photo together and Union and Zion taking a photo together, too.

Honestly, how can you not feel the love in this family and, even better, the support for young Zion as he shows his pride? We’re all choked up right now because this is just incredible.

To make sure the day ended on a high note, E! News reports that Union also took the gang out to a drag show after spending time at the parade. That’s definitely how you end a very fun, loving supportive day and we’re glad to see Union stepping in to make it all happen.

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