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This Week in Chrissy Teigen: Tattoo Fever Strikes the Teigen-Legend Household

It’s never a dull moment in the life of Chrissy Teigen, and the week of April 1 was no exception. We love that Teigen is always more than willing to bring us into her world and share every silly, wonderful moment of it with us. From finding out what she’s making her family for dinner on her Instagram Stories to seeing the latest pictures of Luna and Miles pop up on her Instagram grid to getting out a full-on belly laugh from her razor-sharp jokes on Twitter, Teigen puts it all out there for us — and we can’t get enough.

With that in mind, we decided to recap the highlights from her week, the week of April 1. Here’s everything you might have missed in the world of Teigen.

Monday, April 1

Rather than pulling a prank on us, Teigen chose to celebrate her April Fool’s Day by showing off Luna’s Thai, which Teigen’s mother is currently teaching her with the help of kid’s books written in Thai.

Teigen also shared a photo of her precious little man, Miles, calling him the “best bear ever” as she low-key shared she was getting over being sick. We’ll take this daily dose of cute where we can get it — but she can keep the sick bug.

Wednesday, April 3: Fun with masks

Teigen gave us all a little bit of a fright when she showed up on her Instagram Stories wearing a somewhat disturbing mask meant to help promote longtime best Kim Kardashian West’s new line of sunglasses. Teigen, as well as her mom, got lots of mileage out of that mask, taking turns and scaring all of Calabasas.

Thursday, April 4: A tattoo reveal and one major question

On Thursday, Teigen revealed that she and Legend got matching tattoos that honored their cute family of four. Teigen’s tattoo reads “John-Luna-Miles,” and Legend’s reads “Chrissy-Luna-Miles.”

As if the tattoos weren’t cute enough, Teigen and Legend were joined by little Luna as they made a funny video promoting their new (and very fake) reality TV show which is all about how they’re a tattoo family now. This video may be a joke but we honestly need this show to happen now, for real.

Plus, Teigen tweeted out a very funny video originally posted to The Voice‘s Twitter rounding up all the fun personal facts Legend has shared about himself on the show. While we learned things like how long it took Legend to pop the question to Teigen (five years), we also learned his first kiss was with a girl named Kendra. This prompted Teigen to reply-tweet: “WHO IS KENDRA,” acting jokingly affronted that Legend’s first kiss wasn’t her.

We can’t wait to see what happens next week, especially since Game of Thrones and Easter prep will no doubt figure into Teigen’s week.

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