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Deciphering the This Is Us Season 3 Finale & Looking Ahead to Season 4

We’re still processing the absolutely stunning season three finale of This Is Us and it may take a while because there was just so much to wrap our heads around. With an incredible, plot-packed final few minutes and some of our biggest concerns about the Big Three answered, we’re ready to decipher this season finale and look ahead to season four.

The biggest relief of the This Is Us season three finale was learning that Beth and Randall were going to stick together and keep their marriage intact, choosing to move the family to Philadelphia so that Randall can keep his job as a city councilman while Beth opens up her own dance studio. Additionally, we saw Kate and Rebecca ease through a new phase of their relationship as Kate gets used to being a mother while Rebecca tries to be the best grandmother she can be before she and Miguel eventually move to California. Sure, there was some tension (there always is with these two), but the mother-daughter duo found a happy medium and were able to navigate themselves to a place of understanding and happiness as Kate and Toby prepared to bring their son home. And speaking of kids, it looks like Kevin’s desire to have children trumped his relationship with Zoe after the couple babysat Tess and Annie. The pair broke up as season three reached a close, leaving Kevin free to return to L.A., fully prepped to be an uncle to baby Jack.

With all of this in mind, plus the incredible flash-forward which revealed the family gathering at one of the Pearson homes (is it Rebecca’s? Beth and Randall’s?). We saw that Beth and Randall are still together in the future (yay!) and that they’re still close to Toby, who also arrived at the house. Oddly, Toby referenced speaking to his son, Jack, but it was unclear where Jack and Kate were. We also didn’t see Kevin, but we did get to meet his young son. And, in the biggest surprise of them all, we got to see a very old, very frail Rebecca. The flash-forward has left us with so many questions about season four, but here are the most pressing ones we want answered.

1. When will Rebecca and Nicky reconcile?

As Randall went in to see Rebecca in her bed, the camera panned over to reveal that Nicky Pearson, Jack’s estranged brother, was sitting at her bedside. This was a huge shock not only because we were expecting to see Miguel (speaking of, where is he?!) but also because Rebecca and Nicky did not part on good terms when she and the Big Three saw him earlier in season three. What brings these in-laws back together? Hopefully, we get to see more of their reconciling in the coming seasons.

2. When and how does Kevin become a father?

It was clear in the finale that Kevin was very ready to be a dad. Whether it was talking about the sensitive topic of Tess’ sexuality or cooing over his new nephew, Kevin was in full dad-mode the entire episode. In the flash-forward, we see a young boy talk to Randall and refer to his dad, with Randall confirming it was Kevin’s son with an offhand comment. But what we’re wondering is: when does Kevin become a father and how? Does he choose to be a single father and adopt? Will he meet someone in L.A.? Will he rekindle a relationship with an old flame, setting the two on the path to parenthood? We need to know!

3. Why are Kate and Toby not together?

Guys, we’re nervous. Toby enters the house in the flash-forward sans wedding ring and only referring to his son, Jack, and not at all mentioning Kate. Pair this with previous flash-forwards where Toby has been seen at his home, presumably alone, as we’re all kinds of fearful that season four and beyond of This Is Us will show us how Kate and Toby’s marriage broke down. But what really happened?

4. Does the entire Pearson clan move to California eventually?

With season three showing Rebecca and Miguel preparing to move out west and Kevin confirming he, too, will be returning to L.A. for good, that just leaves Randall and Beth as the only part of the Pearson clan based on the east coast. But, in the flash-forward, it looks like Randall is picking up Tess from work and they go to one of the family member’s homes, presumably Rebecca. If that’s the case and it is Rebecca’s home, then we have to wonder if Beth, Randall and Tess all go to California at some point in the future (would Tess move for work? Will Beth and Randall retire there to be closer to family?).

5. Why is the family gathering to see Rebecca?

Seriously, this is bugging us the most. We know Rebecca is “her”, but we still don’t know why. Could Rebecca have Alzheimer’s? Does she have a different, serious illness? There’s still so many questions about how Rebecca gets into the state she’s in in that flash-forward, and we need to know when season four premieres later in 2019.

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