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Jennifer Garner Played the Best April Fools’ Joke & We Totally Fell for It

This is a very well-executed April Fools’ joke. On Monday, Jennifer Garner took to Instagram to “announce” her first-ever book, sending fans into a tailspin as they tried to figure out if the news was legitimate or not. We’re a little bummed that she didn’t actually write a book, but we have to admit we fell for it and it’s not a bad prank to play.

“Hello, good morning,” Garner said in her video. “I have some exciting news to share — I have written my first and probably only book. It’s a real labor of love and I go places I never thought that I would go. But I do. And I just wanna thank everyone who was part of helping me write and create this book, Bless Your Heart.”

In the caption, she wrote, “I’m thrilled and finally able to share with all of you—I’ve written a book! This whole process has been humbling and illuminating, taking me deep into places I didn’t even know I could go. Thank you to every one who helped bring these stories to life and held my hand along the way. The time has come for me to share it—I can’t wait to hear what you think. XX Jen.”

Later, after Garner received hundreds of comments and some media coverage debating whether the news was real or not, she updated her caption to add, “Update: Thank you for being so happy for me. Your sweetness makes me feel [bad] for playing a joke. But this is an April Fool’s.”

As noted by People, one of the most telling clues that the book isn’t real was that the foreword mentioned on the seemingly homemade cover is written by her “therapist.” The photo on the book jacket is also from a 2018 photoshoot for W Magazine. Still, we got excited for a minute there. Maybe there’s still a book from Garner somewhere down the road.


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