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Drew Barrymore Is Dying to Make Another Movie With Adam Sandler — & Yes, Please!

Of all the prospects in her A-list career, Drew Barrymore wants to make more movies with Adam Sandler the most. The two have already shared the screen three times — for 1998’s The Wedding Singer, 2004’s 50 First Dates and 2014’s Blended — but Barrymore just can’t get enough of her three-peat co-star. In an interview with People at the season three premiere for her Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet, Barrymore even hinted that another Barrymore-Sandler collaboration could happen sooner rather than later.

When asked by People which co-star, among all of the co-stars in her storied Hollywood history, she’d like to work with again, Barrymore gushed, “Adam Sandler, obviously, just because I want to make movies with him forever.” And since the two maintain a tight friendship, the subject comes up in conversation pretty often. “We just talked on the phone the other day. We talk on the phone often, and we were like, it feels like something, I don’t know. We always get like a time and an instinct thing,” Barrymore explained, adding, “We’ve done it three times now, so we know we have more to go.” Do you hear that, fans? Sounds promising to us.

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As for what kind of movie Barrymore and Sandler could possibly make for their fourth collaboration, your guess is as good as ours. It seems safe to say, though, that they’ll play romantic interests as they have in all of their films so far. This suits Barrymore just fine. “[I thought] I want to be a modern weird Hepburn, Tracey old Hollywood couple,” she told People of how she envisioned her longtime working friendship with Sandler from the onset.

But when Barrymore met Sandler for the first time, she doubted that dream would ever come to fruition. She was at what she describes as a low point in her career, and she reached out to Sandler (whose career was peaking) to pitch the idea of the two of them establishing themselves as an iconic rom-com couple. Only, when she showed up at the meeting, she realized talking Sandler into co-starring with her might be an uphill battle. “We looked like the worst blind date you’ve ever seen. I showed up with purple hair and a leopard coat and he was in his classic cargo pants. As soon as I saw him I was like ‘Yeah you’re going to have to see past all this,’” she recalled, also noting that she insisted to Sandler they could “do something meaningful.”

Barrymore must have been pretty convincing, because it sounds like a fourth movie with Sandler could be in the works any day now — at least that’s what we’re choosing to infer from her latest Sandler-centric interview. Hollywood is super-keen on reboots, right? Maybe we could check back in with The Wedding Singer‘s Julia and Robbie Hart? Or how about 50 First Dates‘ Lucy and Henry Roth? At the very least, we’d be interested in finding out if Lucy ever got her memory back.

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