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People Are Betting Meghan & Harry Will Name Baby Sussex Diana — Here’s Why They’re Wrong

The royal baby could arrive any day now and frankly, we are all on tenterhooks waiting for the big announcement. In the meantime, there is tons of speculation on whether Meghan, née Markle, Duchess of Sussex, will give birth to a prince or princess. Some people are even placing bets that Baby Sussex, if a girl, will be named Diana. The name would be an obvious homage to Prince Harry’s late mother, who’s become something of a deity since she died in a car crash following an aggressive paparazzi chase in 1997. But will Meghan and Harry really name their baby after the late princess?

According to Cosmopolitan magazine, betters think the odds are high. Bookmaker William Hill told the outlet that the odds of Meghan and Harry having a girl are 8/11, with the name ‘Diana’ beating out all but one other option for top contender in the public’s mind. Both the name ‘Diana’ and the name ‘Victoria’ have 10/1 odds, per Hill’s spokesperson Rupert Adams.

Adams said, “At the top of the betting here is Diana at 10/1, red hot favorite. No great surprises there, obviously all the connections are there. But the recent move is for ‘Victoria,’ also 10/1—really like it.” He added, “We’re still taking bets on gender but it’s quite a random one. Currently as it stands, we are 8/11 a girl, even money a boy. So, you know, the betting is suggesting there’s a great, great chance that it’s a girl.”

Obviously, no one really knows the sex or possible name of Baby Sussex, though Cosmopolitan notes that when there’s a flurry of bets placed in this manner, it usually indicates that someone, somewhere, has insider knowledge. The prominence of bets placed on the name ‘Victoria’, in particular, seem to indicate that.

While ‘Diana’ is an obvious choice because of the royal family’s intense love and enduring respect for the late Princess Diana, Harry and Meghan are surely aware that naming their child after her would open her up to a lifetime of scrutiny and comparisons to her late grandmother. (As if there won’t be enough of that already, seeing as this baby will be Meghan and Harry’s first-born and part of the royal family.) Plus, Baby Sussex’s cousin Charlotte’s full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana; her name pays homage to both her great grand-mother, the reigning queen, and her late grandmother.

Although there is reportedly no tension between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Harry and Meghan now that they’ve split their court at Kensington Palace, naming his first-born after their mother might put Harry into hot water with his older brother, Prince William.

Of course, as noted above, this is all just speculation. We won’t know anything about Baby Sussex until the palace decides to tell the public what’s what. Perhaps it’s better that way.

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