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A Sobbing Whitney Port Says She Was “Mom-Bullied” By Other Women

Whitney Port — author, fashion designer and alum of The Hills — recently posted a heartbreaking video about mom-bullying to her popular YouTube series “I Love My Baby, But….”

Earlier this week, Port alluded on her Instagram Story that an incident involving other moms had occurred that made her cry. Yesterday, she went into detail about the experience on YouTube, tearfully describing feeling shunned and shamed by other moms at a panel event.

She included the link to the YouTube story on Instagram, stating, “… I mentioned I was crying the day before and I’d tell you why. Well, here goes. Monday morning I went to an amazing event with a bunch of new moms. I didn’t know many of the women there so I forced myself out of my comfort zone and approached different women I slightly knew to chat. The response I got was, well, surprising to say the least. Especially at an event like this. But it taught me a lot and I wanted to share it all with you because maybe you have dealt with similar people and similar feelings?!”

Port and husband Tim Rosenman (who also serves as videographer for her popular YouTube series) share one son, Sonny, 20 months.

Port describes the panel event she attended: “I went in with a good attitude, I walked out feeling a little bit insecure. There were a lot of moms that I knew. I approached two specifically… and I got the same reaction from both of them which was, ‘I really cannot be bothered talking to you right now’ and they were trying to back out of the conversation as quickly as they could.”

A visibly shaken Port admits it left her wondering what was wrong with her. “It’s especially hard when you’re a new mother and you really want to put yourself out there because this is the time to make lifelong relationships,” Port says. In between tears, the MTV star says she’s not sure if she is feeling “overly sensitive” about the interactions with the other moms at the event and added she suspects her reality-TV star status might contribute to a less-cool reputation.

“If I’m not cool enough for them because I was on a reality TV show, then they’re not gonna try to be friends with me. It hurts to feel like someone doesn’t want to hang out with you, or have a conversation with you and try to get to know you. I take it personally,” Port adds.

We should admit right now that we are kind of in love with Port’s husband, who gently queried from off-camera what his wife would tell the moms who were unkind to her.

Port ponders the question for a moment, then simply says, “That you hurt my feelings.”

Port’s vulnerability is touching and telling — being a mom is hard enough, dammit. Why isn’t there an immediate bond between mothers? Why is there often more judgment than connection?

As Port says, “It’s so silly because it’s so easy to be nice to people. They probably never even thought about [being mean.]”

We love Port’s takeaway at the end of the video: that maybe she’s judging herself too harshly. “The problem is I’m bullying myself… I think I’m worthy of people being nice to me but I can be quiet and awkward. I can’t control the way anybody acts, but it shouldn’t stop me from putting myself out there.”

She concluded, “I just have to work on my own self-esteem, and focus on the positive qualities about me as opposed to the negative.”

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