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Game of Thrones Star Gwendoline Christie Reflects on Brienne’s Journey In Season 8

As if we weren’t nervous enough for the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones, yet another cast member has opened up about their reaction to the series finale and it’s clearly going to be a doozy. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Brienne of Tarth actor Gwendoline Christie said she fears for her character’s fate in the final six episodes of the HBO epic. More than that, she gave us some hints as to what could happen as we barrel toward the series finale airing in May.

“Every couple of pages I thought I was dead,” Christie told EW, confessing that when the final season’s scripts arrived early one morning, she read them all from beginning to end. “If you’re lucky enough to get to season 8, you expect to die on the first page. That’s the worst case scenario. The very worst case scenario is dying off screen. At one point while reading I said to my partner, ‘I think I died and nobody said anything.’”

Unlike some of her castmates, Christie said, she did not skip straight to the series finale to find out what happens. “I always read, as part of my training, from beginning to end,” she explained. “This is something I do partially because I’m a fan of the show. I want to know what’s going on with the other characters.”

When she did get to the ending, she admitted, “I had to go for a very long walk. A long walk and I did not stop. I had lots of questions. If there’s a character you care about and you feel like they go through some sort of hell you feel protective toward them.”

According to Christie, in addition to seeing Brienne fight in the battle at Winterfell that we see portions of in the official Game of Thrones season eight trailer, “This season we see more of Brienne than ever before.”

She explained, “I’m more involved this season and I’m delighted the character has been learning from everyone she’s been around. There’s been a timidness and a tense vulnerability that was the opposite of her physical strength. It’s been interesting to watch her embrace her intellect and humor and step forward in life and make decisions. I think this is a season where Brienne’s gender is really no longer an issue. She’s treated as an equal by all and that’s very pleasing.”

As for whether or not Brienne lives until the end, we’ll have to find out when Game of Thrones returns to HBO on Sunday, April 14.

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