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Did the SATC Women Just Find a Way to Reboot the Show Without Kim Cattrall?

Stop what you’re doing and pour yourself a stiff drink — preferably a Cosmopolitan — because, after years of back and forth, there has been a breakthrough in the Carrie Bradshaw world. Per Deadline, Sex and the City is getting a follow-up TV series based on SATC author Candace Bushnell’s upcoming book Is There Still Sex and the City? Naturally, the question on every fan’s mind is whether Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristen Davis and Cynthia Nixon will return as our beloved ladies who lunch (and other stuff). And the answer is… possibly?

The new series, which is in development at Paramount Television and Anonymous Content, would presumably follow the course of the book closely. And according to the book’s publishing house, Grove Atlantic, the new novel dives into the “wilds and lows of sex and dating after fifty.” Considering it is set between the Upper East Side of Manhattan and a country enclave known as The Village, we can’t rule anything out. Who’s to say Carrie and Big didn’t buy a summer house in the country? We might be reaching, but we don’t care — we’d sacrifice a mountain of Manolos on an altar of bad relationships to the TV gods if it meant getting the gang back together just one more time.


So, what do we really know about the follow-up currently in the works? For starters, Paramount TV seems pumped about it. “The original Sex and the City book and series served as a groundbreaking touchstone for an entire generation of women, myself included,” Nicole Clemens, president of Paramount TV, said in a statement (per E! News). “We’re thrilled to be able to continue that conversation from the underrepresented point of view of women in their 50s and answer the question with, ‘Yes! There is more sex in the city!’”

While that sounds promising since Carrie and the gang should be in the right age demo, there are a few potential hiccups that would keep the OG SATC women from reprising their roles. True fans have undoubtedly followed the brouhaha between Kim Cattrall and her former co-stars, specifically Parker. In 2004, Cattrall implied during an appearance on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross that she wasn’t getting compensated on par with her peers. In 2008, she claimed she wasn’t friends with her co-stars. Over the years, Parker routinely insisted all of the women were indeed close. But things got really hairy in 2017 when fans began to demand a third movie — and tabloids reported that Cattrall had squashed any hope for one.

There’s also timing to consider. Parker has a successful new show on HBO, Divorce. Nixon has thrown her proverbial hat into the political ring, running in the New York Primary last fall. Still, with the news that Bushnell’s new book has been picked up and she’ll be writing the pilot, doesn’t that mean the women could have found a way to move forward without Cattrall? One can hope. Judging by the description of the novel, Carrie and the gang could certainly slide back into their signature stilettos: “Bushnell looks at love and life from all angles — marriage and children, divorce and bereavement, as well as the very real pressure on women to maintain their youth and have it all.”

Cue Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda returning home from Samantha’s funeral? That would be a full mood, y’all. And, to be clear, we are here for it.

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