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Diana Ross Was Serenaded by Beyonce During Her Massive 75th Bday Bash & It Was Simply Beyond

What’s bigger and flashier than all the Oscars, all the Grammys, all the Super Bowls, and Mariah Carey’s closet rolled into one? It turns out the event of the century was Diana Ross’s 75th birthday bash on Tuesday, hosted by her daughter, Tracee Ellis Ross, at the Warwick in Los Angeles. The best part? Ross was serenaded by Beyonce in a performance of “Happy Birthday” that became insta-iconic (sorry, Marilyn Monroe).

Fortunately for all of us, Khloe Kardashian was on hand to share video of the moment. In the footage, Ellis Ross is spotted scanning the sampler of amazing celebrities gathered to find one to sing “Happy Birthday” to her mom. Beyonce just happened to be standing near the massive frosted cake.

Ellis Ross called out on the mic, “Beyonce? Are you still here? Do you want to sing ‘Happy Birthday?’ Come on down!”

Did Beyonce want to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Diana Ross? Come now. Does an eagle enjoy soaring majestically from mountaintop to mountaintop while nature photographers attempt in vain to capture its magnificence? Why, yes. Yes, it does. And yes, Beyonce did.

Bey, rocking a long braid, flashed a zillion-dollar smile like she’d been waiting all her life to be asked to sing in front of the greatness that is Diana Ross.

There’s more video too from a different angle, showing Sean Combs, a.k.a. Diddy, beaming and Bey singing right next to the birthday girl herself:

And that’s not even close to all that was going on under that roof. Talk about a star-studded guest list. This was epic. In addition to Ross’s family (because she is ALL about family), guess who else was there? Leonardo DiCaprio and a slew of Kardashians (Khloe, as we mentioned, plus sister Kourtney and their mom, Kris Jenner). Khloe made waves (literally) with her gold disco gown and her crimped-coiffure homage to Ross, and not everyone was loving it on social media.

But Khloe was in love with her bra, so there’s that.

Back to that guest list… also on hand were Robin Thicke (who also sang “Happy Birthday” but ain’t nobody gonna remember that version), Gayle King, Diddy’s three daughters, DJ Khaled, Ross’s son and wife Ashley Simpson Ross and guy named Stevie Wonder. Maybe you’ve heard of him? He also sang “Happy Birthday” with the birthday girl by his side:

Ross changed outrageous, fabulous outfits — turquoise! orange! champagne! — so many times, we can’t keep count of the photos that keep dropping. All night long, she sang and invited her star-struck star guests to join her on stage to sing along — or just boogie on down. When she performed her classic “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” everyone just laid down and died. Okay, they didn’t actually, but they could have. Even for celebs, life doesn’t get better than this:


If you’re surprised by the magnitude of this birthday party, shame on you. Ross was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2012 Grammys, and at the 2019 Grammys, the musical legend performed her own birthday tribute to herself. BOW DOWN, PEASANTS. Even the city of Los Angeles knows what’s up when it comes to Her Highness Diana Ross:

From now on, March 26 will be Diana Ross Day in L.A. See you there next year.

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