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Gross! Meghan Markle Was Fodder For Jokes in Video From Her Ex-Husband’s Bachelor Party

A note to literally everyone: The disrespect of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, ends today. Meghan is mere weeks from welcoming a baby with husband Prince Harry and here come the creeps — notably her ex-husband Trevor Engelson and his group of friends — who brought up Meghan over drinks recently and were foolish enough to let it get recorded for the world to see.

A newly published video from Engelson’s Miami Beach bachelor party earlier this month shows the groom being toasted by his friends before the topic inevitably turns to Meghan. Though the DailyMailTV video of Engelson’s bachelor party doesn’t ever mention the duchess by name, it’s pretty clear who the men are talking about. One of Engelson’s friends can be seen saying, “This right here… this right here is to royalty, you know what I’m saying? Royalty won, royalty lost… But regardless baby, we got to keep going!”

He later adds, “If it wasn’t for Trev, I wouldn’t believe that I could marry a future princess, so now, I gotta… what princess is available now?”

Ugh, can you not? Between the tabloids hyping up a non-existent feud between her and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, a nonstop onslaught of negative interviews from her estranged sister and father and the British press running with the “Difficult Duchess” nickname, Meghan has had it up to here with drama she never asked for.

Meghan and Engelson, a film producer, dated for seven years and were married for two before divorcing in 2013 because of irreconcilable differences. Since then, Engelson capitalized on his ex-wife’s newfound global fame when Meghan’s relationship with Harry first became public. In 2017, Fox ordered a single-camera sitcom co-produced by Engelson that just so happened to be about a divorced couple co-parenting their child after the wife up and marries a British prince. Wow, what an original premise. Wonder where he got that idea. The project was subsequently dropped right around Meghan and Harry’s Windsor nuptials.

As for Engelson, he is set to marry dietician Tracey Kurland in May, just as his ex-wife and her British prince charming celebrate their one year anniversary.

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