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A Giggly Oprah Got Reese Witherspoon To Drop an Epic Gayle King Impersonation

Can we talk for a minute about female friendships in Hollywood? Because one in particular has us in stitches right now. Quiet joker Oprah Winfrey got Reese Witherspoon to do a Gayle King impersonation that is hilarious and accurate in equal measure. The moment came courtesy of an Apple event held the night before the company announced its new streaming Apple TV+ service, at which Winfrey and Witherspoon (along with fellow celeb BFFs Rashida Jones and Jennifer Garner) were in attendance.

While sipping on what appears to be a bit of rose, the women discuss King’s recent headline-stealing interview with R. Kelly. During the exchange shared on Instagram by Oprah Magazine, Witherspoon couldn’t help but gush about King’s poise. “It was amazing. She is the calm in the eye of the storm.” Witherspoon then alluded to her upcoming Apple TV+ drama, The Morning Show, saying she needs “to do a scene like that” on the morning journalism-centered series. Ever the encourager, Winfrey told her friend to give it a shot. So, Witherspoon did just that.

First, she gave her best “Gayle face,” staring straight into the camera with an unflappable expression. Then she morphed into her King-alter-ego, turning to an imaginary subject and saying, “Really? You need to sit down. Robert, Robert, Robert.” When Winfrey has the bright idea that perhaps Witherspoon’s new series could secure Kelly for a cameo, Witherspoon deadpans, “I don’t think that’s going to be possible O. Think he might be tied up. Maybe some legal issues.” Cue giggles from Queen Oprah!

For her part, King certainly seemed to appreciate the flattering impersonation. When Witherspoon commented, “So much respect for you @GayleKing!” on the Oprah magazine’s Instagram comment feed, King replied, “Thanx girls,” adding that she couldn’t wait to watch all the drama unfold on The Morning Show.

Witherspoon and Winfrey, who co-starred in the 2018 film A Wrinkle in Time, clearly enjoy a tight bond (and the occasional glass of bubbly together, natch). And everyone knows that Winfrey and King are forever besties. The idea that perhaps Witherspoon, Winfrey and King could become the best friend version of a thrupple? Well, that just fills us with all kind of warm and fuzzies.

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