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Blue Ivy Carter Busts Out Comedic Chops On Grandma Tina Knowles Lawson’s Instagram

It seems the Carters have handed down their penchant for stealing the show to their eldest daughter. On Sunday, Tina Knowles Lawson posted a “corny joke time” video on her Instagram featuring a very special guest. Blue Ivy Carter’s shared the joke on Knowles Lawson’s video and managed to steal the show in the process despite never seeing her in the video. Still, the sound of her voice inspired comments from fans ranging from disbelief to adoration.

“It’s corny joke time, and I’m here with a very special guest, my beautiful granddaughter,” Knowles Lawson said at the start of the video. “She actually gave me the joke,” she admitted. “So, here it goes!” Off-screen, Carter waved in front of Knowles Lawson’s face with one hand and said, “Hey! Hey.”

Then, she told her joke. “How many lips does a flower have?” Carter asked. Knowles Lawson replied, “Well, how many?”

Then, Carter told the punchline: “Two lips! Get it? There’s a kind of flower that’s called a tulip.”

Apparently trying to hide a smile, Knowles Lawson promised, “I got it. I got it!”

Photos and videos of Carter are rare, so it makes sense that Knowles Lawson kept her off-camera while still allowing her to tell her own “corny joke.” As mentioned above, fans couldn’t handle the sound of the 7-year-old’s voice and they took to the comments to discuss.

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Corny joke time with A special guest!!❤️

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“Why do she sound so grown omg lol lol lol I can’t take it my baby growing too fast,” wrote one user, while another chimed in with, “She’s so smart!!!”

One person had a really great suggestion since Carter’s mom, Beyoncé, is in the cast for the upcoming live-action Lion King film: “Blue Ivy sounds like she should have been Young Nala in the upcoming Lion King…”

There were also other comparisons to her parents, including comments about her hand.

“Wow her voice! Hands like Mom’s too,” one person wrote. Another said, “OMG SHE HAS HANDS LIKE @BEYONCE.” Someone else commented on Carter’s apparent manicure: “Her nails are done lol omg I can’t take it.”

Even if her joke was corny, fans clearly loved every second of Carter in Lawson Knowles’ video and we definitely loved it, too.

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