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How Mark-Paul Gosselaar Feels About a Saved By the Bell Reboot

Jennifer Mattern

Reboot fever is very real and it’s been hitting television pretty hard in recent years. With the latest reboot news focused on a limited series reboot of Beverly Hills, 90210 not only happening but also bringing the entire original cast together, it’s only natural to wonder if another beloved ’90s series like, say, Saved By the Bell, could do the same thing. Enter: Mark-Paul Gosselaar, whose feelings about a Saved By The Bell reboot may actually surprise you.

The super popular series Saved By The Bell ended in 1993, but given the reboot mania happening right now, is it time to go back to Bayside High? Not so fast, says Gosselaar, who’s already done two spinoffs of the hit show, Saved by the Bell: The College Years, and Saved by the Bell: The New Class.

“Me personally, I’m okay with never seeing a reboot ever again. I like original content,” he said on The Hollywood Reporter’s latest Awards Chatter podcast episode. “I really appreciate what Rosanne has done, what Fuller House [has done]. It’s great! 90210 is now [rebooting], I heard, for FOX but I’m okay with never seeing a reboot ever again.”

But he wants fans to know he’s not completely ruling the idea out, either.

“If it was a good product that I felt wouldn’t tarnish the original product, then yeah, I’m open to hearing anything,” he said on the podcast.

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Making the possibility of a Saved By the Bell reboot even more, well, complicated is the fact that one of Gosselaar’s former cast mates, Dustin Diamond, has penned a tell-all book about the show titled Behind the Bell. Due to the nature of the behind-the-scenes information shared in the book (which may or may not have been shared with the consent of the rest of the cast and may not be entirely true), plus the fact that Diamond has become a bit of a contentious figure, it’s easy to see why it might be tough to go all-in on a reboot with all original cast members; there could be lots of drama there.

In light of this, Gosselaar says that working with Diamond on a reboot is not part of the issue here. As he told THR, “Listen, I’ve worked with actors that I couldn’t stand and Dustin is not one of those people. Who cares about the book? The book was fiction. I don’t know what it was.”

Gosselaar continued, “[It’d be like] ‘Hey, what’s going on man?’ Would we go grab a beer afterwards? Probably not but that doesn’t mean anything. I don’t even care about [an apology.] Honestly, there’s nothing. Like, I don’t take any of that stuff personally especially when it comes to work. When it comes to work you just shut all that stuff off.”

For now, Gosselaar doesn’t need to even think about getting involved in a reboot because he stars on Fox’s hit sci-fi series, The Passage, which follows Gosselaar’s character, federal agent Brad Wolgast, as he goes on the lam with a young girl who he wants to prevent from becoming a test subject in the search to cure vampirism. Add to this the fact that whenever Gosselaar isn’t working he’s enjoying time with his wife, Catriona McGinn, and their children Lachlyn and Dekker, and we totally get why he’s all good. For now, at least.

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