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We Give Dax Shepard’s Opinions on Parenting & Sex Positivity a Big Thumbs Up

When it comes to parenting, this dad is leaving some things on the table for his kids to decide. In a new episode of his Armchair Expert podcast, Dax Shepard reflected on his attitudes toward sex and how he tries to handle the subject with his two daughters, Lincoln and Delta, who are just five- and four-years-old, respectively.

“It’s funny because I tell myself I have a narrative I’m spinning about how I’m going to be as a father of two daughters,” Shepard told his podcast guest, his longtime friend Gwyneth Paltrow. He explained, “Currently, I’m of the opinion, I’m super pro-sex. I am anti-having sex to get approval. I am anti-having sex to get someone to like you or to gain status in a social circle but if my daughters are horny and they have decided they want to have sex, I am very pro-sex.”

Shepard made these comments after reflecting on his own decision to have sex when he was in seventh grade and his chosen partner was in ninth grade.

“I lost my virginity intentionally to ‘Love My Way’ by The Psychedelic Furs in the basement of my house,” he told Paltrow. “Luckily, we got right to the action and I did not make it to the chorus and then I was just very confused.”

Paltrow expressed surprise that Shepard had sex so young, though she agreed with him that when it comes to her kids eventually deciding to have sex, she is “pro-sex if they feel they are ready. She also commented on Shepard’s parenting style, saying, “You’re a really thoughtful father. I’m always so impressed with how intentional you are of your parenting.”

This is not the first time Shepard has talked about his parenting style, or tackling the birds and the bees with his kids. In a joint interview with his wife, Kristen Bell, on the Feb. 25 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the pair said they answered five-year-old’s Lincoln’s question about where babies come from with some “real talk.”

Shepard and Bell explained that after they explained the anatomy that is usually involved in procreation, before they could talk about the act itself, Lincoln decided to go outside.

“She knows all the organs, but when it got to the actual nuts and bolts of the operation…” Shepard said, with Bell adding, “We bored her to death.”

The two also announced their new line of baby products, which are all available at Walmart for $8 or less. It may be that their kids are a long way from seriously considering sex, but these two seem to have a good handle on how to approach the topic and parenting as a whole.

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