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Why Michael Bublé Says His Next Musical Special Is ‘The Greatest Thing I’ve Ever Done’

How can you top six already-amazing musical specials? Make the seventh one part biography and part documentary in addition to a celebration of the music. Michael Bublé opened up about his new musical special, Bublé!, in an exclusive interview with People. Included in Bublé’s interview is some key insight as to why this special is so unique and what about it makes him feel especially proud.

“I have never taken so much pride in any kind of finished piece of art as I have with this,” Bublé told People in an interview published on Monday.

The reason he considers this special “the greatest thing [he has] ever done” is because, in his own words, “This is musically and biographically a walk through my life. This is a story of a kid whose family’s love gave him an armor. When I went out into the world and tried to tackle it, I realized no matter how much additional armor I wore, what kind of suits they put on me or what kind of power that I got, I realized through my life I was still just that kid. The armor that I had was the armor that my family has given me.”

He continued, “Music is a great part of this. The performances are fun and electric, great. But the reality is, it’s just a story of a normal kid who had a dream.” He said that creating a show that is a concert, documentary and biography has been “a longtime dream.”

In addition to performing his own hits and covers of classic songs by his idols Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, Bublé said the Bublé! special will be a really fun, entertaining and interactive journey through my life and the music of my life.”

He chose the simple title because of how much the special reflects him as a person, not just a musician. He explained, “It’s a great representation of who I am and why I am who I am. I wanted to call it ‘Michael Bublé’ because I thought of it as a way to introduce myself to those who don’t know a lot about me. I was very purposeful about this. It’s not a flick. It’s organic and authentic. It is a documentary.”

Bublé has been busy this spring, not just with this new special but with his first tour since his son’s cancer battleBublé! seems like a good chance for old fans and new to reconnect with the singer. The special airs Wednesday, March 20 at 10/9c on NBC.

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