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Chris Pratt Swears He Has ‘Died and Gone to Heaven’ After Singing with Garth Brooks

Meeting one of your musical idols is a monumental moment for any fan — and Chris Pratt singing with Garth Brooks onstage at the 2019 iHeartRadio Awards Thursday night is an epic example. Pratt was on hand to present Brooks with the Artist of the Decade honor, during which he joked he’d be happy to play Brooks in a movie (can this happen, please?). After the introduction, Pratt stood at the back of the stage to watch the country superstar perform.

But when Brooks realized Pratt was still hanging around, he surprised Pratt — and everyone watching — by roping Pratt into performing. Brooks was in the middle of a medley of songs when he caught sight of Pratt and gestured for Pratt to join him. And, hey, Pratt didn’t need too much prodding. He eagerly joined Brooks in singing his classic hit “Friends in Low Places.” Following the impromptu duet, Pratt took to Instagram to gush about the entire experience. “Welp. I guess I died and gone to heaven. Thank you @garthbrooks and congratulations on the artist of the decade award. It was an honor to sing with you and the band on stage,” Pratt said, joking, “I can’t wait for the upcoming stadium tour.” He then added, “God is so good. Thank you thank you thank you.”

In other words, he totally fanboyed, and who could blame him? For music lovers, meeting a favorite musician is a bucket list item. To sing with them? That’s a dream come true.

Plus, it goes without saying this is Garth Brooks we’re talking about. The man is a legend. Which, perhaps, is why Pratt got emotional listening to Brooks and his crew play backstage. In another moment shared to Instagram, Pratt watches in awe as Brooks and his guys do some impressive strumming. “Here I am all misty eyed backstage. A moment I will never forget. Sound on,” said Pratt.

This isn’t the first country icon Pratt has gotten to perform with, either. In 2017, after gushing about Chris Stapleton’s music during an interview promoting Guardians of the Galaxy, Stapleton sent Pratt a mixtape of his From a Room Vol. 1 album. From there, a bromance was born. It wasn’t long before Pratt popped up onstage with Stapleton —wearing a jean jacket with Stapleton’s face on it, no less — to sing “Tennessee Whiskey.”

So, the official Pratt performance watch is on. We can’t wait to see which country star he performs with next.

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