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Ellen DeGeneres Proves the Popular ‘Me on Ellen’ Meme Right With Her Best Surprise Yet

Hey, y’all — it’s been a rough week, don’t you think? Which is precisely why we think it’s important to also hear stories about good people doing legitimately good things, like, Ellen DeGeneres surprising a stay-at-home mom with the best gift ever and making fun of a meme about her in the process.

The heartwarming moment took place on Wednesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, during which DeGeneres invited stay-at-home mom Megan Hatch to the stage. Ecstatic to meet the TV host, Hatch couldn’t stop jumping up and down, hugging DeGeneres and shout-speaking out of excitement. Hatch — who shared that her kids are 4, 3 and 10 months old — said, “I don’t get out much,” eliciting agreement for DeGeneres and laughter from the audience. But Hatch also revealed that she’s a huge fan of Zac Efron and that she would love to visit Cancun.

So, can you guess what DeGeneres did? If you said send Hatch back to her seat, you’d be right. Well, sort of. The funny and generous DeGeneres asked Hatch to come back to the stage, where she handed her tickets to come back to the show in April and meet Efron as well as tickets for a Cancun vacation, proving there’s some truth to the “Me on Ellen” meme that’s been so popular lately.

Ah, we sure love a story with a happy ending. We also love the fact that DeGeneres quite literally cannot resist showering people with gifts. In fact, Hatch’s entire moment on the show started with DeGeneres trying in vain to prove she doesn’t just surprise people all the time, as explored in the aforementioned “Me on Ellen” meme.

“Last week there’s a popular meme featuring me. This is the headline that I saw: ‘Me on Ellen’ is the twisted new meme taking over Twitter,’” DeGeneres started before sharing a few of the hilarious memes.

She then continued, “I’m glad people are having fun with this, but I think they’re exaggerating what I do on the show. This show is not just about surprising people. I also do other things.” At that point, DeGeneres points into the audience at Hatch, saying she’s going to prove the meme wrong using Hatch as an example.

Fast forward roughly one minute, though, and a playfully exasperated DeGeneres lamented, “Darn it, I can’t not do it.” You know, as she surprises an overjoyed Hatch with her heart’s desires.

Oh, Ellen. We can’t wait for the episode when you open your coat to reveal you’re really a bunch of puppies.

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