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Kaitlyn Bristowe Admits She & Shawn Booth Were ‘Struggling’ a Year Before Their Split

Now that a little time has passed, Kaitlyn Bristowe is revealing new details about her breakup with Shawn Booth. Just as Bachelor Nation fans likely suspected, there was trouble in paradise for the couple long before they officially called it quits. Bristowe opened up about the relationship during an episode of the Raw Beauty Talks podcast that aired on Monday, March 11. The gist of it? The couple was “kind of struggling” for months leading up to the end of their engagement and three-year relationship.

According to Bristowe, the fact that she and Booth’s relationship played out in the public eye could have contributed to the pair dragging their feet toward the end.

“The breakup just felt very different to me, and difficult in many more ways, just because it was, obviously, so public,” Bristowe explained, adding that she and Boothe put off making the official split announcement because they “didn’t want to face what was coming with it.” But the hard reality was that the pair simply wasn’t “on the same page” anymore. At first, Bristowe says, she tried to work through their issues, assuming they’d just hit a rough patch. During her summer 2018 trip to Canada, though, she began to accept that she and Booth were over.

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“We were kind of struggling for the last little while,” she confessed. “I just wasn’t feeling loved for over the last year. It really just started weighing on me. I just very alone in the relationship and I felt like I had a best friend but I didn’t feel like I had a partner. We just started growing apart.”

Understandably, Bristowe struggled with anxiety in those months preceding the split — not only was she losing Booth, her best friend, but she would also be losing his Golden Retriever, Tucker, whom Bristowe often gushed about on social media. Still, she “knew she would be OK” because “this was the right decision.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t difficult. Bristowe and Booth have both alluded to their heartbreak since going their separate ways. Bristowe has been extremely vulnerable and honest about her emotions on her Off the Vine podcast. In November, she told fans, “It’s been a really hard few months now. I really did think we’d get through it.”

When all was said and done though, “there were some important fundamental values that weren’t lining up” and “some things we’d probably never see eye-to-eye on.” These days, Bristowe is dating fellow Bachelor Nation alum Jason Tartick.

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