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The Is How Long the Game of Thrones Season 8 Premiere Will Be

In the weeks leading up to the eighth and final Game of Thrones season premiere, we are snapping up every bit of information that we can about what’s to come for all our faves in Westeros. That even includes exact episode lengths, because frankly, we’d like to know just how many minutes we’ll have to devote each week to crying, screaming and shouting at our screens before we spend the rest of the week analyzing and predicting what will happen next. On Monday, HBO posted the episode runtimes of Game of Thrones season eight episodes one and two. One thing is certain: this season is going to be jam-packed with revelations, battles and emotions and it will be happening in a short amount of time.

Entertainment Weekly reports that HBO updated its schedule on Monday to reveal that the Game of Thrones season eight premiere on Sunday, April 14 will be exactly 54 minutes long. The second episode, which airs Sunday, April 21, will be 58 minutes long.

In January, the outlet predicted that the final season would feature two hour-long episodes and four ranging in lengths from 70-85 minutes each. These predictions followed a meeting of TV networks in France that suggested possible runtimes for the final six Game of Thrones episodes.

Now that we know for sure that the first two episodes will run almost an hour each, does that mean we can look forward to longer episodes for the rest of season eight? We sure hope so. There’s a lot of ground to cover this season, both literally and figuratively, as the Night King and his Army of the Dead march into Westeros by way of Winterfell. We know that at least some characters will die and at least one will end up on the Iron Throne… but who will it be?

Game of Thrones returns Sunday, April 14 on HBO.

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