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Netflix Announces a Third Christmas Prince Movie Is Coming Later This Year

The calendar may say it’s March 11, but Netflix is very much in a holiday state of mind. On Monday, Netflix announced the third A Christmas Prince movie is happening. The announcement, posted to Netflix’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, confirmed the title of the third installment in the Christmas Prince film series and what fans can expect to see when it premieres later this year.

Shared on Netflix’s See What’s Next account, the announcement poster for the third A Christmas Prince film makes it very clear what fans of the first two films can expect in the upcoming installment. In a tweet that is captioned with “Some personal news…” the announcement poster confirms the title will be A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby, also using the tagline “Baby makes 3” to help make it clear what folks can expect. The poster also features a sonogram of a baby wearing a crown. Subtle is not the poster’s strong suit, but adorable? Yeah, it’s pretty dang adorable.

No official premiere date has been confirmed for the movie. But, considering it’s all about a royal baby and is presented like any other pregnancy announcement you might see posted on social media, we’re willing to guess that the movie will stay on theme and premiere nine months from now in December 2019. Sure, it would stray from the traditional A Christmas Prince premiere slot (typically mid-to-late November), but it just makes so much sense that a December premiere date would be the case here.

Cut from the same delightfully cheesy mold as many of our favorite Lifetime holiday movies, the first A Christmas Prince film premiered in 2017 and followed young journalist Amber (played by Rose McIver) as she chased down a story about Prince Richard (played by Ben Lamb), the handsome prince of the fictional European nation Aldovia. Amber doesn’t exactly get her big story, but she does get a lasting relationship with Richard, which is front and center in 2018’s A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, a second film that follows the couple as they plan their nuptials. Although no official plots details have been given about the film, we’re gonna take a wild guess that A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby will follow Amber, Richard and their families as they all prepare for the arrival of the littlest member of the Aldovian royal family.

Thank goodness the announcement for the third A Christmas Prince movie arrived well ahead of its likely premiere date because we’ll need to plan a re-watch of the first two films to properly prepare.

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