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Katherine Schwarzenegger Says She & Chris Pratt Are Basically Wedding Planning Experts

Planning a wedding can be a stressful time, especially when it comes to ensuring every detail gets checked off the list. Well, Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt are planning their wedding right now and, according to Schwarzenegger, the couple is already getting really good at it.

While chatting with Us Weekly at the Superpower Dogs Los Angeles premiere on March 9, the celeb author opened up about her upcoming nuptials to Pratt. Based on her response, it sure doesn’t sound like they are overwhelmed about wedding details. Really, everything wedding-wise seems to be going very smoothly.

“Oh, yeah. We get everything done,” she said about wedding planning. “I mean, we’re pretty good with time management so it works out really well.” There’s no denying time management is key for putting together a wedding reception and ceremony, so kudos to the couple for making sure time is on their side.

Schwarzenegger didn’t stop there and admitted that as much fun as it was attending the world premiere for Superpower Dogs, she would “focus on other things when we get home.” See? She and the Guardians of the Galaxy actor are determined more than ever when it comes to wedding planning. Seriously, props to them for being so focused.

Not a ton of specifics have been revealed about their wedding, but Pratt previously opened up about their wedding date. He told Us Weekly in February, “A little, you know, maybe fall, winter kind of thing and you know, we’ve got a lot to get done.” At that time, Pratt also said they hadn’t yet started planning, but that they did have an idea for a theme.

Since then, the couple has clearly changed their wedding planning tune. As Schwarzenegger gushed to Us Weekly, she’s living her best life right now and couldn’t be happier. “Everything’s really exciting about it,” she said about planning a future with the actor. “It’s an exciting time in my life … [a very] blessed time in my life.”

There’s no denying this is a truly special time for both Schwarzenegger and Pratt. It’s nice to know rather than stressing over wedding plans, they are enjoying every single moment. Before they know it, the wedding will be over, so the couple is definitely doing it the right way by having fun planning a day that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

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