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Sorry, We’re Just Not That Into Owen & Amelia on Grey’s Anatomy

Sometimes in life, you really want to like something but, no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to bring yourself around to it. Every Thursday when a new Grey’s Anatomy episode airs, we’re reminded of this when we see Dr. Owen Hunt and Dr. Amelia Shepherd. For years, Grey’s has wanted us to get on board with Owen and Amelia as a couple, but the truth is we’ve never been or board with this couple. While that will undoubtedly land us in hot water with Omelia ‘shippers, it doesn’t change the fact that we are O-V-E-R this problematic pairing.

Let us throw in a disclaimer at the top. Our hesitation in getting on board with Owen and Amelia has nothing to do with the actors playing them. Kevin McKidd and Caterina Scorsone are brilliant in how they play Owen and Amelia, respectively. When it comes to character dynamics, though, not even McKidd and Scorsone can make Owen and Amelia click in a way that makes sense to us.

You’re probably thinking, “All the couples on this show are melodramatic. What’s the big deal?” and admittedly, you’ve got a point. But Owen and Amelia are next-level when it comes to the drama they find themselves in. Heck, even their drama has drama. We knew the relationship would be a problem from the very beginning when they first started hooking up and Owen was still dating Cristina Yang (one of the best Grey’s characters in history, if you ask us). Out of a sense of loyalty to Cristina, it’s possible we weren’t giving them a fair shot but can you blame us? As time went on, we tried to warm up to them, but to no avail. The way they began their relationship is just too big of a no-no for us to get over.

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Perhaps it’s passion. Despite the fact that Owen and Amelia are incredibly passionate people, that passion doesn’t read as chemistry when they’re together. During the current season, it has already been drilled it into our heads that the passion they used to have was likely a byproduct of Amelia’s brain tumor — not something she did with intention, but something spontaneous and reckless her tumor pushed her into due to impaired impulse control. If anything, this alone should call into question Owen and Amelia’s relationship and make it clear that these two don’t really belong together and Grey’s fans need to accept that.

Then there’s the Teddy (played by Kim Raver) factor. No matter how much you might try to tell us otherwise, we think Owen should be with Teddy. Amelia knew this on some level when she pushed Owen to go to Germany and profess his love for Teddy. She wanted him to be happy and she knew what would truly make him happy was Teddy. Even now, Amelia has broken up with him because she feels as though he is in love with Teddy. Teddy and Owen have been through the wringer together in so many ways; their love has already proven itself to be deep and abiding.

Finally, there’s the teaser that aired for season 15, episode 17 “And Dream of Sheep,” which all but proves that Owen and Amelia shouldn’t be together. The teaser seems to suggest that perhaps Amelia hooks up with the new doc in town, Atticus Lincoln (played by Nashville babe Chris Carmack). You know what? We not even a little mad at it. In fact, we felt their chemistry! Those two have the spark we’ve been waiting for from Owen and Amelia and which has never happened. Even if it turns out to be just a little fling, we support Amelia have fun and getting with someone new rather than staying in a relationship that we just can’t root for. Let Amelia have some fun, Grey’s!

As for Owen, we’re still holding out hope his future will be tied to Teddy’s. But since she’s currently shacking up with Thomas Koracick (played by Greg Germann), that future is tenuous. Either way, though, we hope this Owen and Amelia relationship nonsense is officially done for good. These two need to move on ASAP.

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