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Mandy Moore Gets a Haircut to Transform Her Look & Her Life & it Looks So Good

After a period of major turmoil, it can be useful to change something in order to start over fresh, like an aspect of your appearance. Mandy Moore seems to subscribe to that belief, which honestly makes us love her even more than we already do. Earlier this week, Moore revealed a brand new hairstyle on Instagram. In a series of photos, Moore shows off her new, darker, shorter hairdo. The reasons behind why she cut her hair were later revealed in an interview with Access Hollywood. While we already love the new look, we love her reasons for chopping it even more.

I just got done with work,” Moore told the outlet, referring to This Is Us recently completing filming on season three. “I sort of have to look a certain way for eight months out of the year, and I’m like, ‘Celebrate! Do something different!’”

However, she admitted there was another reason for the big change, as well. “But I also think in light of, sort of the last couple of weeks have been, sort of — I’m not going to get emotional — have been emotionally turbulent in a way. And I think there is something significant about shedding dead weight, and I’m moving forward.”

Moore’s comment refers to allegations of abuse made against her ex-husband, musician Ryan Adams, which were published in a New York Times report in February. She’s received massive support from fans and fellow celebrities since coming forward about Adams’ alleged abuse, including supportive words from her This Is Us costar, Milo Ventimiglia.

Moore has rocked a number of hairstyles throughout her years in Hollywood, though this new, dark bob is the closest she’s come to when she chopped her long hair off for the film Chasing Liberty in 2003. In 2017, she told Refinery 29 about the change and how it affected her confidence.

“I cut my hair for a film, and it was a pretty big deal for me because I had never had hair that short in my life,” Moore said at the time. “I loved it — I felt really sexy and free and edgy, which are not adjectives that many people use to describe me. I loved being that chestnut-y brunette color, too. It was really the first time that I felt, ‘This is me. This is who I am.’ It allowed this other layer of my personality to surface, and I felt very comfortable in my skin.”

We hope that this time around, the change is equally positive for Moore.

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