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Danielle Fishel Shares Key Life Advice She Got From Her Mom (& We Should All Use it)

Whose advice do you cherish when it comes to important matters in your life, such as your career? In an exclusive interview with SheKnows, Danielle Fishel revealed that she recalls her mom’s words of wisdom about making sure to keep her identity separate from her work, no matter how many characters she plays. No only was it one of our favorite moments from our phone conversation with her, but we think it’s the perfect advice for women everywhere this International Women’s Day.

“My mom doesn’t work in the entertainment industry, but my mom was always — especially as a kid actor — there and she’s around me a lot,” Fishel told SheKnows when we asked her about key life advice a woman in her life has given her. “And the biggest thing that she [said to me is]: ‘You are not what you do. It is just your job and if at any point in time you are not loving what you’re doing, you don’t have to do it anymore. It is not your identity. It’s not who you are.'”

This International Women’s Day, Fishel said her mom’s career advice has always had the biggest impact on her, ever since that moment. “I’ve always then been able to just kind of separate myself from my work. I’ve never been super wrapped up on whether or not I got the part that I really wanted or whether I even got the directing job that I really wanted,” she explained. “I don’t ever let it affect my self-worth because I am not what I do. So, even though my mom does not work in the entertainment industry, my mom has been an enormous influence on me as far as it being the kind of career that I’ve had.”

Fishel is soon to be a mom herself. She opened up in her interview with SheKnows about how getting pregnant has been a very different experience than what she thought it would be, but she hopes by talking about it, more pregnant people will begin to discuss the body issues that come with bearing a child, too.

“There’s been a lot of emotional days where I’ve had to remind myself that this is a natural process and it’s OK and that I can’t be in control of this,” she said. “And I don’t feel like enough women talk about it, so that’s why I bring it up.”

We’re so excited to see where Fishel’s journey as a mom takes her and with advice like this to keep her grounded, we think she’s going to be okay.

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