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Queen Elizabeth II Gives Meghan Markle a New Role on International Women’s Day

It’s a definite nod of approval, signed and sealed by Queen Elizabeth II herself. On International Women’s Day, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, was appointed Vice President of The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust by none other than Queen Elizabeth. The organization champions young leaders who work to improve their communities and to create social change. The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust also provides vocational opportunities for those around the globe.

Meghan’s prestigious new role as VP will include highlighting the Trust’s connections with young leaders across Britain and its territories — especially the work of those individuals and organizations that celebrate and support girls and women.

“We are particularly delighted that the first opportunity of formally working together with Her Royal Highness comes on International Women’s Day,” said Nicola Brentnall, CEO of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, via a statement released to media. “This squares perfectly with our focus on amplifying the work and contribution of those furthest away from power. Women across the Commonwealth and the globe often face the biggest impediments to success. So we are delighted to have our Vice President’s support in helping others to overcome those obstacles.”

This is a huge honor for Meghan — not to mention yet another chance to work closely with her dear husband, Prince Harry, who serves as the president of the organization.

We’re thrilled for Meghan’s new job — and we’re not at all surprised. The queen has clearly taken to liking to Meghan (have you seen pictures of their adorable first trip alone together?) since Meghan became a part of the royal family and this huge honor is just confirmation of it. It’s also a nod of approval from Queen Elizabeth for Meghan’s years of activism regarding women’s issues, an issue Meghan continues to work on.

Past examples of this include: Meghan writing the essay “How Periods Affect Potential,” which is about the stigmas of menstruation and the devastating impact those stigmas can have on young women seeking education; addressing the empowerment and education of women at royal engagements; referring to herself quite proudly as a feminist on her official royal page; and supporting causes like Smart Works, which champion women.

The timing of the appointment — International Women’s Day — could not have been sweeter. To celebrate her new gig, the duchess participated in a panel discussion of female activists and thought-leaders at King’s College London on Friday.

During the panel, Meghan offered this opinion about women using their voices to change the world: “If things are wrong and there is a lack of justice and an inequality, someone needs to say something, and why can’t it be you? I agree with Annie Lennox that we must be global feminists and include men and boys.”

She continued, “I’ve said for a long time you can be feminine and a feminist, you can be masculine. And I think in terms of masculinity you understand that your strength includes knowing your vulnerabilities and your sense of self and security, and your confidence comes from knowing a woman by your side, not behind you, is actually something you should not be threatened about – as opposed you should feel really empowered in having that.”

Well done, Meghan — and well played, Queen Elizabeth. This International Women’s Day, we’re happy to see women supporting other women, especially when it’s happening within the royal family.

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