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Olivia Newton-John Shares How She Is Fighting Her Breast Cancer in a Rare Interview

Olivia Newton-John has truly been through some true highs and lows when it comes to health. Having now been diagnosed with cancer three times, including her most recent stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis, she is doing everything she can to maintain her strength while also fighting the disease. In a rare, new interview with People, Newton-John credits her husband’s cannabis farm for her pain management, noting that she wouldn’t feel half as good as she does if it wasn’t for his excellent care.

“I decided I would use everything I could to get stronger,” she explained, speaking to People about the stage 4 breast cancer that has now spread to her back. “My husband hands me all these herbs every morning and makes me a green algae drink. He grows the plants and makes them into liquid for me. I take drops maybe four to five times a day.”

Newton-John’s husband, John Easterling, is a natural health entrepreneur; her daughter also runs a cannabis farm. Although she was reportedly “a little nervous” about turning to marijuana to help with pain management, she has since changed her mind after experiencing its positive effects.

“It has helped incredibly with pain maintenance and sleep,” she said. “It’s an amazing plant, a maligned plant, but it’s helping so many people.”

Although cannabis is helping Newton-John with her pain management and sleep, she told People that she suffered a pelvis fracture in September that was caused by her bones weakening from cancer. She received treatment at her Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre in Melbourne, Australia for the injury and she also takes traditional medicine prescribed by her oncologist.

Newton-John also admitted, “I probably downplay things a lot. I hate talking about my health. I don’t like to worry people.”

She said she meditates and prays, as well as finding calmness in spending time with her animals. She is also taking time off of work, though her new memoir hits shelves on March 12.

“I’ve been working my whole life,” she told People. “Now, I’m getting up in the morning, feeding my cat and my dog and my husband, usually in that order. Just enjoying being a housewife.”

Newton-John was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992. She was diagnosed again in 2013, at which time the cancer had spread to her shoulder and in 2018, she learned that it had also spread to her back. It sounds like she is in the best possible hands, and we wish her the best as she moves forward with her treatment.

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