The Bachelor‘s Caelynn Miller-Keyes Opens Up About Online Bullying: ‘We Are Real People’

Season 23 of The Bachelor just keeps getting more intense. On Wednesday, fourth runner-up Caelynn Miller-Keyes opened up about online bullying she says she and the other contestants have faced, especially since Bachelor Colton Underwood eliminated them from the show. In her post, she calls out specific threats made against her and her fellow contestants, as well as cruel directives from strangers.

“We live in a world where we never do anything right. Ever. Everyone always has an opinion,” Miller-Keyes captioned a screenshot of herself looking into the distance from The Bachelor that was posted to her Instagram. “This experience has been so incredibly difficult. This show is super easy to make fun of, I get it, but viciously tearing people down is absolutely disgusting. Girls on my season are getting death threats, I’m getting told to go kill myself. That’s not okay.”

Miller-Keyes went on to explain that none of The Bachelor contestants are perfect, “but this show is partly about finding yourself, and that means falling in the process.” She noted that viewers can have opinions, but should “keep the extra hurtful comments to yourself.” She also encouraged people to remember that “We are real people. These emotions are real. You’re watching a TV show, but we felt all of these feelings in a very intense way. Remember that the next time you go to someone’s page to tear them down.”

Miller-Keyes has been vulnerable with Underwood and the whole of Bachelor Nation from the start. After her first one-on-one date with Underwood, she opened up to him about being sexually assaulted in college and was praised for shining a light on such an important subject on such a widely-watched show.

Her comments about bullying came after ABC’s The Bachelor: The Women Tell All reunion special, in which the contestants got candid about their experiences on this season of The Bachelor. In the comments on Miller-Keyes’ post, Bachelor Nation came out in droves to support her, per Us Weekly.

Season 23 has certainly inspired a lot of intense emotions. Following fellow contestant Cassie Randolph’s break-up with Underwood on Monday’s episode, Underwood jumped the fence and walked away from the entire competition. We’re eager to see what happens next, but one thing’s for sure: no one deserves death threats or directives to harm themselves or others.

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