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Nashville Is Getting the Broadway Musical Treatment, But With a Few Big Changes

Here is some good news for fans of the ABC-to-CMT TV series that once starred Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere. On Tuesday, Lionsgate TV announced that Nashville is heading to Broadway. Next to a photo of the cast on Instagram, the announcement read, “Super excited to announce that #Nashville is being adapted as a Broadway musical with 10-time Tony award-winning producer Scott Delman! Who’s excited?”

As thrilling as the news is, fans should know that the musical will vary from the drama in one big way. According to Entertainment Tonight, Delman said in a statement about the soon-to-be Broadway show, “Nashville, with its complex, relatable characters and sweeping emotional gestures, has all of the narrative elements that I look for in great theatrical source material.”

He continued, “From that rich DNA, we will be building an original story with entirely original music, written by major Nashville and Broadway songwriters.”

Did you hear that? The Broadway production will have “entirely original music.” If you were hoping to hear some of your favorite songs like “We Are Water”, “No One Will Ever Love You,” “Telescope” or “Buried Under”, that doesn’t seem very likely.

That said, nothing seems to be set in stone just yet, so who knows what will happen with the show as it develops during its production process. As for the cast, nothing has been announced, but, of course, there’s always a chance past cast members from Nashville could be featured in the new musical adaptation.

For those unaware, Delman is known for other Broadway creations, including Mean Girls, Book of Mormon, Hello, Dolly! and Fun Home; he is definitely talented and knows exactly what he’s doing. Even though there will be new music, it sure sounds like Delman can be trusted to create a spectacular adaptation of Nashville for the Broadway stage. Plus, seeing as “major Nashville and Broadway songwriters” will be involved is further proof the musical will probably be a smash hit.

Really, Nashville fans shouldn’t worry too much and just wait to see what other details are announced as the Broadway adaptation continues to develop.

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