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Ryan Reynolds Is Nearly Unrecognizable in a Throwback Photo From His Childhood

Let’s face it, sometimes photos of us from when we were little kids will usually either make us laugh, cry or just all-around cringe. Well, just wait until you see Ryan Reynolds’ throwback photo from his childhood that is not only super cute, but will also make you do a double-take, because, well, you’ll know what we mean in just a moment.

On Wednesday, the Deadpool 2 star posted an old picture from when he was just a 3-year-old boy hanging out at his community swimming pool. The image is actually a newspaper clipping from when Reynolds was featured in his local newspaper back in the day. In no surprise whatsoever, Reynolds was beyond adorable as a toddler, but real talk: we had to do a double take because the little boy in the photo doesn’t immediately look like him. Wild, right?

That said, the photo quickly becomes even more concerning once you read the newspaper’s caption. It reads: “This is Ryan Reynolds, 3, and he’s enjoying the water at Kits Community Centre wading pool. Ryan lives at 2382 Oliver Cr. This playground and others have supervised programs for tots and kids in summer.”

What’s that now? They totally revealed his address. Was this a thing back in the day? Why was this necessary? Times certainly have changed, and thank goodness they have. A caption like this revealing where a child, let alone anyone, lives wouldn’t happen today — and for good reason.

As you can see above, Reynolds agrees that his safety as a child should’ve been taken into consideration. He, of course, was able to make a joke out of the situation. He hilariously captioned the photo, “This is from my hometown newspaper, back in the day. I think it’s smart they discontinued the ‘wanna know where this child lives?’ section. #HolyShit.”

Ditto, Reynolds. Ditto. It’s a relief to know that the addresses of children aren’t casually revealed anymore. Can you imagine?

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