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Abigail Spencer Is Returning to Grey’s Anatomy, & the Timing Couldn’t Be Better

In a surprise casting development, E! News has confirmed that Abigail Spencer is returning to Grey’s Anatomy — so, yep, Dr. Megan Hunt will be roaming the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital once more. Naturally, the storyline details are being kept under lock and key, but this much is certain: Spencer is coming back, and she’ll be reprising her role as the sister of Dr. Owen Hunt (played by Kevin McKidd).

Let’s briefly revisit where Megan’s arc left off since, if we’re really being honest, it was a doozy. Prior to her unexpected arrival at Grey Sloan, all fans really knew of Megan was that she was a prisoner-of-war presumed dead. In season 12, cardiothoracic surgeon Nathan Riggs (played by Martin Henderson) shows up at the hospital, immediately creating conflict with Owen. While the reason isn’t made apparent at first, we later find out that Nathan had been engaged to Megan when she went missing. Since he had also apparently cheated on her, Owen blamed Nathan for what he assumed was Megan’s demise. Only, then she was found. Alive. Injured, but alive.

But, as we all know, Megan’s time on Grey’s proved even more dramatic than basically returning from the dead. This is Grey’s, after all. In the time that Nathan had been at Grey Sloan, he and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) had fallen hard for each other and were essentially all-in when Megan came back into the picture. And Megan returned with a surprise, too: a son named Farouk. So, telling Nathan she wouldn’t think twice if Derek came back, Meredith helped Nathan and Megan rekindle their love. Spencer’s run on the show appeared to end with Megan and Nathan moving to Malibu, playing on the beach with Farouk as a happy little family.

Which brings us to the present, where Spencer seems pretty stoked to don her scrubs again.

“Red hair. Super care. Megan Hunt is baaaaack!” Spencer captioned underneath a photo of herself as Megan on Instagram, adding the telling hashtag “#GreysAnatomy15.”

The timing couldn’t be better for Megan to reemerge, right? Owen isn’t exactly in the healthiest place. First, he and Amelia got divorced when they realized she had a brain tumor that was probably responsible for their impulsive relationship in the first place. She encouraged him to go profess his love for his longtime BFF-slash-war-buddy Teddy (played by Kim Raver), which he did. But, after a brief dalliance in Germany, Teddy rebuffs Owen’s declaration of love, suspecting it’s a rebound fling. Owen and Amelia get back together, start fostering a few kids and then — bam! — Teddy shows up pregnant. And — bam! — the foster kids leave. Then — bam! — Amelia breaks up with Owen out of fear he still loves Teddy. His life is like a bomb that keeps exploding lately.

Suffice it to say, Owen could really use his sister to lean on right now. But what does that mean for Megan and Nathan? Will Farouk be joining Megan in Seattle? All that and presumably more remains to be seen. Fortunately, Grey’s fans will find out this season when Spencer returns.

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