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The Official Game of Thrones Season 8 Trailer Is Here & it’s Truly Epic

We are overcome with emotions. On Tuesday, HBO debuted the official Game of Thrones final season trailer. It is the first true footage we’ve gotten of what’s to come in the eighth and final season, which is set to premiere on April 14. On the first watch, there’s an overwhelming sense of both dread and intrigue that permeates every shot. On the second watch (and third, and fourth and beyond because one viewing isn’t enough), there’s lots to unpack that seem to only heighten our expectations for the final season and help us prepare for the end of this epic series.

The nearly two-minute trailer opens with a flashback to an earlier season as we see a younger Arya Stark fleeing for her life. In voiceover, we hear her say, “I know death. He’s got many faces. I look forward to seeing this one.” As the camera cuts, Arya holds up a spear tipped in what appears to be dragonglass — the key to killing those formidable White Walkers — indicating to viewers this scene likely happens before the previously-teased Battle at Winterfell where the humans of Westeros will first face off against the undead army making its way south.

From there, we get glimpses from the six-episode season: Jamie Lannister on board one of Euron Greyjoy’s ships, inspecting his troops; Tormund and Beric Donderrion, making their way out from the now-fallen Wall; a young boy overlooking the troops at Winterfell as they march; Daenerys’ living dragons, Drogon and Rhaegal, flying over Sansa Stark’s head as she stands on a Winterfell rampart. We get a peek at Daenerys and Jon, both in the crypt at Winterfell and riding into battle with their troops, too, teasing their growing connection and romance.

There’s also a shot of Cersei, all alone, drinking wine and seemingly about to cry that will make you sympathize with her. There’s Varys, hiding in the tunnels underneath Winterfell for safety with other citizens. There’s also lots of worried faces (Tyrion and Brienne look pretty nervous) and big goodbyes (Missandei and Greyworm are kissing!), so basically, this trailer is hellbent on making you feeling every damn emotion in the book.

But whether you feel joy, fear, sorrow or any of the other million emotions that may come up while watching this trailer, one message rings clear: the end of GoT is coming. There’s been little to no detailed information about what fans can expect to see in season eight, with cast members sworn to secrecy and avoiding sharing any major clues. All we know is what we see in this trailer and if those glimpses are any indication, it’s best that fans of the show start preparing for any possible outcome, whether that’s the death of a favorite character or an unexpected character ending up on the Iron Throne.

Game of Thrones season eight will premiere on HBO on April 14.

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